Our Objective

Indian Century is a platform for the success stories of India, Indians, those having Indian roots, and those associated with India.

The stories are related to individuals, organisations (both governmental and private), states, the centre and the Indian Diaspora. The core theme is to highlight their activities that serve the Indian interests and augment Indian power so that the 21st century becomes the Indian Century in the history of mankind.

Focus of this online platform is to portray how individuals and organisations have excelled in the midst of myriad challenges. Our endeavour is to project the exemplary leaderships (political, bureaucratic and corporate), systemic structures and resource management behind the success stories. This effort is the projection of evidence-based stories about responses to pressing social, economic, political and developmental problems.

Ours is the “Solutions Journalism” that goes beyond the traditional five Ws of Journalism – Who, What, When, Where, Why – to the missing H, the How. Our stories contextualise a problem, analyse a response, and use compelling narratives to bring it to life.

This is a platform of positivity, of hope, of aspiration, and of inspiration. This is a forum for the achievers and those who want to achieve for themselves, for their institutions and for India.

We recognise that at a time when the media in India is generally guided by the dictum that “No news is Good news and Good news is No news”, the success stories of an individual or organisation will not have any impact if said once. They have to be told repeatedly. And this is what we intend to do.

We aim at highlighting various dimensions of the success in a series of stories over a period of time, ranging from a month to one full year. Stories are mostly reflected in a multimedia framework, consisting of visual, auditory and written segments.

Depending on the resources available, at the end of every month, the top success stories of the platform will be compiled in a monthly magazine. And if the theme is of lasting value, we will publish it in the format of a book or monograph.

Indian Century aims at being an invaluable source of information and ideas for the Civil-Military Establishment, Diplomats, NRIs, Manufacturers, Academicians as well as the Common Man who wish to make informed choices on transforming and rising India. Without ideology, bias or affiliation, it will provide analysis and information that traditional media outlets do not.