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Prakash Nanda


The idea of launching a platform of Indians, by Indians, and for Indians (living in India or elsewhere in the world) stemmed from the need of compiling and disseminating positive and inspiring information towards the emergence of India as a major global power at a time when countless journalistic enterprises are thriving regrettably on showcasing scintillating and negative stories.

Indian Century Media Group is the brainchild of Prakash Nanda, an author and journalist, who has always tried to blend the rigour of academics with the craft of journalism.

Author and Columnist with over 30 years of media and academic experience with specialisation in international affairs, strategic issues and Indian Government & Politics, Prakash Nanda has been the Editor-in-Chief of Uday India, a national weekly; Editor of Geopolitics, a niche monthly devoted to defence, security and diplomacy; Assistant Editor and Diplomatic Correspondent of the Times of India; Deputy Chief of Times of India News Service; and Strategic Affairs Editor of the Sahara Television. He has been a columnist for First Post, News18, UPI Asia, Lindro (Italy) and The Independent (Dhaka). He has written over 3000 articles and columns in India’s national media and several international dailies and magazines.

He is also a Distinguished Fellow at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (New Delhi), and a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Public Affairs (Noida). Formerly, he was a National Fellow of the Indian Council of Historical Research. He has been a Visiting Professor at Yonsei University (Seoul) and FMSH (Paris).

Prakash Nanda is also the Chairman of the Governing Body of Aryabhatta College, Delhi University. Prior to this, he was also the Chairman of the Governing Body of Deshbandhu College, one of the biggest colleges of Delhi University of more than 6000 students and 250 teachers.

He has authored five major books:

  • Prime Minister Modi: Challenges Ahead (Heritage Publishers: ISBN: 817026364-6), New Delhi, 2016
  • Rising India: Friends and Foes (Ed),(Lancer Publications, ISBN: 0-9796174-1-3), New Delhi, 2007
  • Rediscovering Asia: Evolution of India’s Look-East Policy (Lancer Publications: ISBN: 8170622972), New Delhi, 2003
  • Nuclearisation of Divided Nations: Pakistan, Koreas and India (Manas Publications: ISBN: 81-7049-125-8) New Delhi, 2001
  • Vajpayee’s Foreign Policy: Daring the Irreversible (Har Anand Publications, ISBN: 81-241-0634-7), New Delhi, 1999

He has written two important monographs:

  • Federalisation of Indian Foreign Policy (Ottawa, Forum of Federations, 2014)
  • Indian Foreign Policy Under Modi, (Fearless Nadia papers, Australia-India Institute, Melbourne, 2014)

Among Prakash Nanda’s important chapters and articles written for books and journals include:

  • “Liberals in Delhi: Real Enemies of Kashmir”, Karan Kharb Ed. India: The Future of South Asia (Turning Point Publishers, Noida), 2019
  • “India and Indonesia: Security Cooperation and NTS in the Next Decade”, in Gurjit Singh Ed. Masala Bumbu: Enhancing the India-Indonesia Partnership (Berita Satu: Jakarta), 2015
  • “India’s Political Dynasties” in Ajay K Mehra Ed. Party System in India (Lancer, New Delhi), 2013
  • “Internal Security and 15th General Elections” in Ajay K Mehra Ed. Emerging Trends in Indian Politics (Routledge, New Delhi), 2010
  • “Between the US and China: Pakistan’s Uncertain Strategic Maneuvers Since 9/11” in A D Behera and Mathew Joseph C (Eds). Pakistan in a Changing Strategic Context (Knowledge World, New Delhi), 2004
  • “The Changing Role of Opposition in Parliament” in Ajay K. Mehra Ed. The Indian Parliament (Konark Publishers, New Delhi) 2003
  • “India’s Global Dynamics”, South Asian Journal, Issue:32, April-June (Lahore), 2011
  • “Diaspora in India’s Look-East Policy”, Think India Quarterly, Volume 14, Number 2, April-June, New Delhi, 2011
  • “The Waziristan Tangle”, Journal of Peace Studies (Vol.14, issue 4), New Delhi, 2007

Sandeep Singh

Managing Editor and Head of Operations

A serial entrepreneur with a degree in law, Sandeep looks after the day to day operations of Indian Century for editing and curating articles, while at the same time overseeing the marketing strategy of our media group.

Backed by a rich experience of 37 years in the fields of Publishing, Printing and Marketing, with 10 years in the digital ecosystem, Sandeep, in coordination with our esteemed contributors and all others associated with this publication, strives hard to compile content and present it in a form which reflects the purpose of this platform of spreading positivity, hope and aspirations amongst fellow Indians.