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DD Kisan has now two AI (Artificial Intelligence) anchors AI Krish and AI Bhoomi. The AI anchors can speak in fifty languages


Yesterday (26th May 2024), Doordarshan achieved another milestone as after 9 years of immense success, DD Kisan is coming with a new look and a new style among the farmers of India on 26th May 2024, where the presentation of the channel is going to be in a new avtar.

In this era of ‘Artificial Intelligence’, Doordarshan Kisan has become the first government TV channel of the country, where all eyes are going to be on an AI anchor. Doordarshan Kisan has launched two AI anchors (AI Krish and AI Bhoomi).

These news anchors are a computer, which are exactly like a human, or rather, these can work like a human. They can read news 24 hours and 365 days without stopping or getting tired.

The farmer viewers will be able to see these anchors in all the states of the country from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu and from Gujarat to Arunachal, these AI anchors will provide every necessary information about agricultural research happening in the country and global level, trends in agriculture mandis, changes in the weather or any other information of government schemes. One special thing about these anchors is that they can speak in fifty languages of the country and abroad.

Some special facts included in the objectives of DD Kisan:

• DD Kisan is the only TV channel in the country, which has been established by the Government of India and dedicated to the farmers. This channel was established on 26 May 2015.

• The objective of establishing DD Kisan Channel was to always keep the farmers informed about the changes in weather, global and local markets etc., so that farmers can make appropriate plans in advance and take right decisions on time. DD Kisan Channel is meeting these standards for the last 9 years.

• DD Kisan channel is also working to bring forward the efforts of progressive farmers to all the people, with the aim of serving the agricultural and rural community in the country and working towards creating an environment of holistic development by educating them.

• DD Kisan channel is strengthening the three-dimensional concept of agriculture which includes balanced farming, animal husbandry and plantation.

The problems of India’s farm sector and allied occupations, on which 60% of world’s second-most populous nation depends, are rarely the focal point of television news or debates. DD Kisan, a 24×7 channel, caters to their needs, indeed.

In fact, agricultural experts admit that DD Kisan is not a news channel but a science channel for farmers. Besides, its target audience is not just farmers, but also rural craftsmen and small businesses.

The channel is a good source of information but finer technical details (like how much pesticide to dissolve in how much water). Shows on improved crop varieties and ways to conserve water have been proved to be of great help to farmers.

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