Rotten Eggs in Diaspora

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US, UK And Canada Have No Business To Protect India’s Enemies


With what face are countries like US, UK and Canada pointing an accusing finger at India without any basis? They have no business to ever raise even one finger against India as India’s track record is impeccable who has never divided any country! Where Khalistanis are openly encouraged? It is mostly as we see in Christian countries especially US, UK, Canada and Australia! How can US bat most vocally for Khalistani promoters like Gurpatwant Singh Pannun known all over for encouraging terror acts and has even threatened to attack Parliament ruthlessly on December 13? What message is the US sending by taking no action against Pannun?

Is it just a coincidence that this same Gurpatwant Singh Panun is a dual citizen of the US and Canada? Should US and Canada be proud and so also UK and Australia that just like they all colluded to divide India in 1947 into many parts and 77 years later they still are not satisfied and want to divide India further India into India and Khalistan? What if India starts propping up similar outfits to divide UK, USA, Canada and other similar countries? If India does so will they tolerate it quietly?

When it comes to USA and UK then they feel nothing wrong in killing Osama bin Laden right inside Pakistan just because he attacked WTC in New York in 2001? Why USA never targets terrorists who attack India? US former President George Bush once famously said that, “There are no good terrorists or bad terrorists. Terrorists are only terrorists.” Why then USA, UK and Canada are openly promoting Khalistani terrorists? Why they are allowed to openly carry out march with flag of Khalistan?

Why US, UK and Canada never bother about India’s unity and integrity? Why they feel that partition of India was an unfinished agenda? Why they want now Khalistan also to come into effect?

Why US, UK and Canada never accept that India has tolerated quietly since a very long time? Why US, UK and Canada want to give Khalistanis a free run on its soil? Which sovereign country will tolerate all this so quietly?

Why US is busy trading charges with India just like Canada on Khalistani separatist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu? Why Pannu is not in jail? Why Pannu is not extradited to India?

Why idols of Mahatma Gandhiji are broken in US, UK and Canada? Why no strict action taken against them? Why Khalistanis make a song and dance against India in these countries? Why US, UK and Canada are not satisfied with India’s cooperation even in finding out the truth about attempt to assassinate Pannu?

Why even inspite of India rejecting Canada’s allegations as “absurd” and “motivated” are countries like US and UK not satisfied? Is India slave of US, UK and Canada? Is Nikhil Gupta a terrorist? Is Pannu a Mahatma?

Why US, UK and Canada are frustrated that Pakistan has failed to divide India inspite of four decades of proxy war? Why now US, UK and Canada have opened another front to divide India by promoting Khalistani terrorists in their respective countries and so also in other Christian countries like Australia and New Zealand and Germany? Should India wag its tail like a dog in front of them? Is this is not what US, UK and Canada are wanting from India?

Why US, UK and Canada want accountability from India but never want themselves to be accountable for openly promoting Khalistani terrorists? Why even UN favours US, UK and Canada as having the inalienable right to encourage Khalistani terrorists openly in their soil? Why UN never condemns them? Is UN dominated by US, UK and Canada? We all know!

Why US, UK and Canada never promote Hamas in their soil? Why promotion of only terror groups directed against India in US, UK and Canada? Why US, UK and Canada are not happy inspite of India tolerating this open mockery of India’s unity and integrity from their soil?

Why is it that Indian diplomats like Vikram Doraiswami are ruffled, heckled and prevented from entering a Gurudwara in Scotland in UK or USA or Canada or some other Christian country like Australia? Are such Christian countries not guilty of trying to divide India just like they divided us in India? Why US, UK and Canada have always sided with Pakistan and US left huge arms and ammunition in Afghanistan? What message does it send?

How long does US, UK and Canada want India to tolerate everything quietly? Why maximum demonstrations by separatists Sikhs take place in US, UK and Canada? Will US, UK and Canada tolerate quietly if India promotes such separatism in their countries?

How long will US, UK and Canada be a complete safe haven for Khalistani separatists and hardliners who favour disintegration of India? Why US, UK and Canada are least bothered about the security threat that they pose directly or indirectly to India? Why if a Khalistani separatist like Hardeep Singh Nijjar in British Columbia in Canada is killed by some other gang is India blamed directly by Canada without any investigation? Why Canada has convicted India before even any probe has begun? Why Canada favours long life for such Khalistani separatists and without any proof directly blame India for his gruesome killing? What if India also starts blaming Canada, US and UK?

In conclusion, it is high time and countries like US, US, Canada and so also other Christian countries like Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Switzerland among others must wake up their ideas and start behaving like civilized countries and stop day dreaming to divide India again as was done in 1947! India is cooperating fully in probe with Canada and USA as India has nothing to hide and India never wants to divide US, UK and Canada! Why India is still not in UN and China in UN since last many decades? It is again because of US, UK, Canada and other such Christian countries! Most disgracefully, even now these countries are showing no signs of reform! India still has always been quiet and even now agreed to cooperate in investigating into murder of Khalistani separatists and terror leaders like Nijjar!

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