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The poor and shortsighted leadership of Mr. Trudeau and the leftist bias and ideologies of media is endangering the idea of Better Canada and Safer World


Ibeing the privileged Member of the Order of Canada (the highest civilian honour) am pained to the core of my heart and presenting the following long list of facts:

1. Before Mr. Harjeet Sajjan, Canadian minister and the current band of anti-India alleged Khalistan supporting Liberal party ministers and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh; there have been in the Canadian past Sikh federal ministers, BC Premier, provincial ministers and numerous MPs and MPPs. They didn’t have problem with other Indo-Canadians and they were not refused meetings with top Indian politicians including the Chief Minister of Punjab or snubbed by Indian Prime Minister. Simple reason, those were Canada focused politicians and not supporters of violent Khalistanis, anti Hindu and violent supporters of dismemberment of India;

2. Dig bit deeper into the past and present activities of many leaders of Khalistani proponents in Canada (including Hardeep Nijjar) and their history and their alleged ongoing indulgence in arms trade, money laundering, drug trafficking and gang war and how they arrived in Canada and their Canadian citizenship is alleged to have been managed/bought;

3. Of course there should be a serious investigation of the killing of Mr. Hardeep Nijjar and rule of Canadian law should be followed vigorously. But don’t carry-out this investigation like that of drowning of Air India killing 329 Canadians. Present the facts openly to people and start persecution of killers of Mr. Nijjar and Mr. Ripu Daman Singh Malik;

4. Don’t forget, how America used and the West including Canada supported UN Charter justifying killing in the territory of foreign land under “Unwilling and Unable” act the terrorists like Osama Bin Laden and other global terrorists. How should India deal with hypocritical response of Canada under freedom of expression facade while India has been sending dossier after dossier about declared terrorists and their criminal/terrorist activities using Canadian soil against dismemberment and violent acts in India and against Canadian Hindus (publically asking Hindus to leave Canada) and by fomenting Hinduphobia;

5. Does Mr.Trudeau, Mr.Jagmeet Singh and likes of Mr. Harjeet Sajjan have the guts to say anything about the public posters across Canada by violent Khalistanis with photos of Indian High Commissioner and Consul General announcing to Kill them. A public float celebrating killing of former Indian Prime Minister was cheered in the streets of Toronto and Vancouver. Does likes of minister Mr. Sajjan have the guts to publically say anything about the killing of 329 innocent Canadians on Air India (majority of Indian origin) in worst aviation disaster of the world and not a single person has ever been brought to justice rather accused killers are celebrated in many Sikh temples in Canada;

6. Mr.Trudeau is considered lightweight geopolitically and has been repeatedly snubbed by US, UK, China, Saudi, India and several world leaders. The present fracas between India and Canada would have been handled through mature silent diplomacy and by putting pressure by the US and other partners of Canada instead Mr. Trudeau took cheap politically benefitting route and went public to embarrass India only based on allegations and emboldened his extremist constituency in Canada. His juvenile diplomacy would result in billions of dollars loss both for Canada and India and Canada is not going to be welcome at the table to contain global threat of China. Canada has repeated such juvenile diplomacy several times resulting in billions of dollars loss to Canada;

7. These openly gun totting Khalistani proponents are given cover by Canada for dismemberment of India and threats against the half million+ Hindus and also indirectly the silent Sikh majority in Canada. And the worst is the unfortunate biased portrayal by media of this entire going on in Canada may encourage Yahoo’s in Hindu community and the Urban Naxal and Jihadi network in India to start or foment (foreign funded) anti Sikh violence and tear the secular fabric and social calm of India and Canada;

8. Does anyone care about the geopolitical interests of the ISI intelligence agency of Pakistan for funding the armed gangs in Canada to foment armed violence against India, going on for decades, and there will also be collateral damage in Canada in future the way Taliban Frankenstein mushroomed not realizing these violent groups on your soil will eventually terrorize Canadians of all stripe too. The poisonous snakes don’t bite your neighbour only;

9. The capital of Punjab during moguls and British rule was Lahore, Pakistan and today much larger land mass of Punjab is still in Pakistan. Just theoretically think of what should be the political map of Khalistan? Just Google on plight of Sikhs, Christians and Hindus in Pakistan and Afghanistan post India Pakistan partition and the BBC report on ongoing abduction of young Sikh girls by older Muslim men and these Khalistanis have nothing to say against going on in Pakistan and Afghanistan because funding by ISI Intelligence agency will stop for the Khalistanis;

10. More than 98% of Sikhs of the world live peacefully in India and the silent 99+% of Sikhs in Canada has nothing to do with the violent anti-india and anti-Hindu movement in Canada. India has had Sikh Prime Minister, President of India, Chief Ministers, scores of federal ministers, head of armed forces, top policy makers and bureaucrats, billionaire business men and disproportionate number of patriot Sikhs in armed forces to defend territorial integrity of India but the vote bank politics of Mr. Trudeau has seriously damaged Canada India relations;

11. For Hindus, the Sikh gurus have always been God like the other Hindu Gods and the personal sacrifice of Sikh gurus to protect Hindus against the tyranny of the Moguls is a revered legend. All sensible Hindus are eternally grateful to Sikhs for their service, bravery, valour and enterprise;

12. The poor and shortsighted leadership of Mr. Trudeau and the leftist bias and ideologies of media is endangering the idea of Better Canada and Safer World;

13. When we support the extremists and violent groups like the West did in Afghanistan, Pakistan and by supporting the Sikh and Jihadi Kashmiri extremists in India then we are pushing Canada towards becoming Pakistan of the West;

14. JUSTIN Trudeau is not realizing that pandering to Khalistan supporters is hurting Canada’s Indo-Pacific policy, which his own government has outlined and the importance of which he himself has highlighted. No Indo-Pacific strategy of any country will work without the involvement of India. India is at the core of Indo-Pacific. In fact, there are hostile countries ,and their names are too obvious to mention, who are opposed to this. They want to devalue the rising profile of India. And it it is equally obvious that the Khalistani protagonists in Canada are being actively supported by these countries. I am sure that Mr Turdeau knows this well.

Will ever the opposing fact based research backed voice like ours get place in the columns of New York Times, Economist, Toronto Star etc…?

Praying for Better Canada and Safer World.

(Aditya Jha is
Member of Order of Canada,
Serial Entrepreneur & Philanthropist)

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