Guru Bhagawat’s Relevance in Life

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Sai Parivar Foundation Hosts 7th Anniversary in the USA


City of Bellevue in the USA witnessed a grand celebration of culture, spirituality and community service as the Sai Parivar Foundation (SPF) observed its 7th anniversary recently. The Mega Event held at Microsoft campus in Redmond, was graced by Revered Guruji Dr. Chandra Bhanu Satpathy.

An eminent spiritual leader from India, Guruji’s Magnum Opus, ‘ Shri Guru Bhagawat,’ stands as an epoch-making devotional masterpiece. The Religious cum Literary treatise offers a comprehensive understanding of the venerable ‘Guru lineage’ and highlights the glorious traditions of our rich Indian culture, tradition, heritage and ethos.

As a compassionate humanitarian, accomplished professional, and a spiritual guide to millions across the globe, Guruji has left an indelible and incredible mark on the life and time of his every devotee worldwide. The Washington Community was quite privileged and fortunate enough to listen live from the living Legend himself.

The soul-stirring evening unfolded with the august appearance of Guruji Dr. Satpathy carrying a flash of divine radiance. Guruji inaugurated the Anniversary Celebration by lighting the ceremonial lamp. Distinguished Dignitaries present during the Inaugural session included Washington State Representative Dr. Vandana Slatter, Burien City Council Member Jimmy Matta and Miss World America 2020 Ms Saini. Their attendance and words of encouragement added a touch of elegance to the congregation and uplifted the spirits of the Celebration.

Washington State’s Senator Judith “Judy” Warnick had sent a Goodwill Message extending a warm welcome to Guruji to her State. In her Communique Ms Judy acknowledged Guruji’s invaluable services to humanity and his tremendous contributions for the furtherance of compassion and wisdom. Ms Judy also sent an open invitation to Dr Satpathy for future visits. Her Message was handed over to Guruji by Ms Vandana Slatter.

The special attraction of the 7th Annual Day Celebration was the presentation of a spectacular cultural extravaganza by the talented members of the Foundation. The Supersonic Show commenced with Gauri Agashe’s graceful invocation of Lord Ganesha and creative interpretations of Shri Guru Bhagawat and Kautukam through her scintillating dance performances.

Following this, Ms. Nidhi Kumar and her team of budding young artists took the stage. Their soul soothing singing enthralled the discriminating listeners and left a spellbinding impact on everybody present. At the end Anamya Mongia’s emotional rendition of devotional numbers added to the excitement, elevating the evening to a realm of pleasure paradise and artistic excellence.

The Supreme attraction of the Spiritual Mahakumbha was the power packed preaching of Chief Guest Guru Dr Chandra Bhanu Satpathy. Guruji delivered a celestial discourse based on the teachings of his sacred scripture”Guru Bhagawat”.

The whole deliberation revolved around the relevance of Guru Bhagawat in modern-day lives. He urged people to adopt meditation and self-reflection for inner stillness, which paves the way to attain permanent peace amidst mundane life’s troubles and turbulences. He observed that adherence of virtues like compassion, gratitude and resilience are essential for the spiritual elevation of human beings.

Guruji recommended for establishment of harmonious relationships and enforcement of continuous self improvisation for the attainment of ultimate Bliss. His elevating and enlightening discourse resonated deeply with the audiences, leaving them inspired and motivated to embrace the teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba and Guruji Dr Chandra Bhanu Satpathy.

On behalf of the Organising Committee of Sai Parivar Foundation, Neelamadhaba Mahapatro, expressed deep gratitude to Guruji Dr. Satpathy for gracing the Occasion and enlightening the participants with his erudite wisdom.

As the curtains drew to a close on the celebration, the Sai Parivar Foundation expressed thankfulness to all attendees, performers and volunteers for making the event a resounding success.

The Grand Celebration has not only helped attendees to immerse into a myriad of cultural festivities but also provided a rare opportunity to get acquainted with the charitable and philanthropic Pursuits of Sai Parivar Foundation. Foundation’s commitment to promote cultural enrichment, community service and spiritual wisdom continues to create a positive ripple among the community based in Seattle and beyond. The organisers declared that SPF is firmly committed to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people through cultural activities and spiritual discourses on a regular basis in future.

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