Beyond Geography and Time

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It is pathetic indeed that some so-called liberals and supporters of Islamic radicalism are protesting against the Government of India asking its diplomatic missions in various countries to protest against the atrocities against and attacks on the overseas Indians and persons of Indian origin – Indian Diaspora.

In recent months, the Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) has stepped up its responses to reports of hate crimes against the Indian diaspora abroad: Riots in the United Kingdom, vandalism and attacks in Canada.

In the UK, the city of Leicester saw days of protests, rioting and vandalism after an India-Pakistan cricket match ended with a clash between fans- that turned into a communal brawl for days. The Indian High Commission in London issued a statement condemning violence against the Indian community, and particularly, incidences of vandalism at Hindu temples.

In the US, the MEA has taken up incidents of violence and alleged hate crimes against Indian citizens, and even US citizens of Indian origin in America. Same has been the case in Canada and Australia.

The Indian government has also issued strong demarches against the US and other countries for long visa delays for Indians. A shutdown on visas, and cutbacks on consular staff has created a backlog of gigantic proportions for the US embassy as well as the UK, Embassies in Europe and Australia for Indians, one that the MEA took a stern view of:

However, it is unfortunate that the so-called liberals in India are justifying attacks on and injustice to the Diaspora by saying that the diaspora community is asserting the aggressive brand of Hindutva identity in the countries of their wellbeing. They want to play the role of being the vanguard of the clash of civilizations on a global scale. This line of argument also goes on to say that the Hindu right-wing elements in India, the BJP government, and also India’s foreign office are aiding and abetting militant Hinduism abroad.

Nothing can be more perverse than this. The Indian government sees the Diaspora beyond any caste or ethinc terms. It views them as persons unbreakable bale links with India, the motherland.

As Prime Minister Modi has always emphasized, the Diaspora have spread the fragrance of Indian values by living them.

“Members of our diaspora have always been admirable ambassadors for our nation. They have spread the fragrance of Indian values by living them – respecting all cultures, mingling seamlessly and enriching societies with their unique contributions”, Modi said recently.

He was talking of how as many as 75 Indian American organisations have come together to observe the historic milestone of India’s journey after 1947. Prominent among these organisations include US India Relationship Council, Sewa International, Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation, Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, GOPIO Silicon Valley, US India Friendship Council, and Sardar Patel Fund for Sanatan Sanskruti.

Among the many values that bind India and the US , love for freedom and commitment to democratic values are the most important. The same is the case with India’s ties with the UK and other democratic countries in the West.

Modi is right when says that the word India represents many things simultaneously – a modem democratic republic, a diverse nation, an ancient civilisation and a cultural consciousness not limited by geography or time. The global Indian is an excellent example of how one can connect with India through many of these dimensions at the same time.

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