Focus Our Attention On The ‘Panch Pran’ For The Coming 25 Years

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For the last year, we are witnessing how the country (is celebrating) the ‘Amrit Mahotsav’. It all began with Dandi Yatra in 2021. The people held programs in every district, every corner, of India to enlarge the scope of goals of the ‘Amrit Mahotsav’ of Independence. This was perhaps for the first time in history that such a huge and comprehensive festival for a single purpose was celebrated. An attempt was made in every corner of India to remember all those great men who did not find mention in history for some reasons or who were forgotten. Today, the nation sought out all such heroes and great men, selfless, brave men from every corner of the country and paid tributes to them. It was an opportunity to pay tributes to all these great men during the ‘Amrit Mahotsav’.

Yesterday on 14th August, India also remembered the deep wounds of Partition on ‘Partition Vibhishika Memorial Day’ with a heavy heart. Crores of such people had endured a lot for the glory of the tricolour. They had endured so much due to their love for the motherland and they did not lose patience. Their determination to start a new life with their love for India is inspirational and worth saluting.

Today, as we are celebrating the ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’, it is an opportunity to recall the contributions made by those who lived and died for the country, dedicated their lives for the country during the last 75 years, those who protected the country and fulfilled the country’s resolutions; be it the army personnel, police personnel, bureaucrats, public representatives, administrators of the local self-government, state administration or central administration. Today we must also recall the contributions made by the crores of citizens of the country who have done everything possible to take the country forward despite various challenges in 75 years.

My Dear Countrymen,

This journey of 75 years has been full of ups and downs. Amidst the shadow of good and bad times our countrymen have accomplished various achievements; they have made efforts and have not given up….. They didn’t let the resolutions fade away. It is true that the hundreds of years of colonial rule had inflicted deep wounds on India and the sentiments of the Indians, but the people were resilient and passionate. And that’s why, Indians managed to revive the nation despite scarcity and denigration. When the freedom struggle was in its final stages, all measures were taken to frighten, disappoint and frustrate the country. There were apprehensions that after independence when the British would leave, the country would be scattered and in shambles; people would die fighting internal wars; India would plunge into a dark age.

But they were not aware that this is the soil of India. This country has the unlimited potential to survive across centuries and influence even beyond the powerful rulers. It is as a result of such immense capabilities and resilience that our nation has emerged strong despite facing innumerable adversities be it food crisis or war. We have aborted challenges hurled at us by terrorist activities which killed our innocent countrymen. We endured proxy war, natural calamities, successes and failures, hopes and despair yet remained undaunted at all such junctures. But even in the midst of these abysmal stages, India has been relentlessly progressing. India’s diversity, which others once thought was a burden to India, is proven to be the priceless power of India…..

Dear Countrymen,

I am witnessing the biggest fortune today that Indians have emerged as an Aspirational Society. Being an aspirational society is the biggest asset for any nation. And we are proud that today every corner of India, every section and strata of our society is brimming with aspirations.

Every citizen of the country wants to change things, wants to see things change, but is not ready to wait. He wants these things to happen in front of his eyes and wants to do it as part of his duty. He wants speed, he wants progress. He is eager and excited to fulfill all the dreams cherished in 75 years before his eyes. It may cause problems to some people. Because when there is an aspirational society, then even the governments have to walk on the edge of the sword and also have to charge with the times. And I believe whether it is the central government, state governments, institutions of local self-government, no matter what kind of governance system, everyone has to address this aspirational society and we cannot wait longer for their aspirations. Our aspirational society has waited for a long time. But now they are not ready to force their future generations to live in wait and hence the first dawn of this ‘Amrit Kaal’ has brought a huge golden opportunity for us to fulfill the aspirations of that aspirational society…..

My Dear Countrymen,

Recently, we have seen and experienced one such force and that is the renaissance of the collective consciousness in India. The renaissance of such collective consciousness, a nectar of so many struggles for freedom, is now being preserved and compiled. It is turning into a resolution, the culmination of effort is reckoned and the path of accomplishment is visible. I think that this awakening of consciousness, this renaissance, is our greatest asset…..

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I can see an important potential. Like an aspirational society, like renaissance the attitude of the whole world towards India has changed in the same way after so many decades of independence. The world is looking at India with pride and with anticipation. The world has started looking for solutions to the problems on the soil of India, friends. This change in the world, this change in the thinking of the world is the result of our experience and journey of the last 75 years…..I see it as triple power or ‘tri-shakti’ i.e. aspiration, re-awakening and the world’s expectations. We are fully cognisant of this, today, my countrymen have a major role in awakening. 130 crore countrymen after several decades of experience have shown the world the importance of a stable government, the power of political stability, policies and how trust develops in the policies. The world too is now realising it. And now when there is political stability, dynamism in policies, speed in decision making, ubiquity and universal trust, then everyone becomes a partner in development.

We started our journey with the mantra of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’, but gradually the countrymen have added more colours to it with ‘Sabka Vishwas and Sabka Prayas’. So, we have seen our collective power and collective potential. ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ is being celebrated with the campaign to build 75 Amrit Sarovars in every district today. People from every village are joining the campaign and offering their services. With their own efforts, the people are running a massive campaign for water conservation in their respective villages. Therefore brothers and sisters, whether it is a campaign for cleanliness or the work for the welfare of the poor, the country is moving ahead with full force today.

But brothers and sisters, if we continue to glorify our 75-years of journey in the ‘Azadi Ka AmritKaal’ and keep patting our own backs, then our dreams might be pushed far away. So, even if the past 75 years have been wonderful, full of various challenges and certain unfulfilled dreams, yet today when we are entering the ‘Azadi Ka AmritKaal’, the next 25 years are very significant for our country. And that’s why today as I am talking about the strength of 130 crore countrymen, witnessing their dreams and feeling their resolutions from the ramparts of Red Fort, I believe we must focus our attention on the ‘Panch Pran’ for the coming 25 years. You have to concentrate on your resolve and strength. And we must take up the responsibility of fulfilling all the dreams of the freedom fighters by embracing those ‘Panch Pran’ by 2047 when the country celebrates 100 years of independence.

Speaking of ‘Panch Pran’, the first vow is for the country to move ahead with a big resolve. And that big resolution is of a developed India; and now we should not settle for anything less than that. Big resolution!

The Second Pran is that in no part of our existence, not even in the deepest corners of our mind or habits should there be any ounce of slavery. It should be nipped there itself. Now, 100 per cent this slavery of hundreds of years has kept us bound, has forced us to keep our emotions tied up, have developed distorted thinking in us. We have to liberate ourselves from the slavery mind set which is visible in innumerable things within and around us. This is our second Pran Shakti.

The Third Pran is that we should feel proud of our heritage and legacy. Since it is this same legacy which had given India its golden period in the past. And it is this legacy that has an innate capability of transforming itself with time. It is this rich heritage that transcends tests of tide and times. It embraces the new. And hence we should be proud of this heritage.

Fourth Pran which is equally important is unity and solidarity. Amongst 130 million countrymen when there is harmony and bonhomie, unity becomes its strongest virtue. “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat” – is one of the unifying initiatives to actuate the dream of the fourth Pran.

Fifth Pran is the duty of the citizens, in which even the Prime Minister, Chief Minister cannot be an exclusion as they are also responsible citizens and have a duty towards the nation. This virtue is going to be the vital life force if we want to achieve the dreams we have for the next 25 years.

My Dear Countrymen,

As we wake up to this auspicious morning of 76th Independence, we must resolve to make India a developed nation in the next 25 years. The youth of today, all of 20-22-25 years, who I can see here shall be a witness to the glorious centennial celebrations of Independence. You will be 50-55 years old then, that means this golden period of your life, these 25-30 years of your age is the time to fulfill the dreams of India. Take a pledge and walk with me, friends, take the oath of the Tricolor and let us all join with full strength. This should be our great resolve that my country will be a developed country, we will develop a people-centric system in every parameter of development and we will have every human being and his hopes and aspirations at our center. We know that when India makes great resolutions, it also implements them.

When I first spoke about cleanliness during my first speech, the entire country embraced it. Everyone moved towards cleanliness as per his capacity and there is now antipathy towards filthiness. This is the country which has done it, is doing it and will continue to do so in future also. When the world was in a dilemma, this is the country which crossed the target of 200 crore vaccinations in a time-bound manner and broke all the previous records. We are dependent on the fuel from the Gulf. We had decided how to move towards bio-oil. The 10 percent ethanol blending seemed like a very big dream. Old experiences showed that it was not possible, but the country has realized this dream of 10 percent ethanol blending before time.

Brothers and Sisters,

Providing electricity connection to 2.5 crore people in such a short time was not a small task, but the country has done it. Today the country is rapidly providing ‘water from tap’ to the homes of lakhs of families. Freedom from open defecation has become possible in India today.

My Dear Countrymen,

Experience tells us that we can achieve our goals once we are determined. Be it the goal of renewable energy, the intention of building new medical colleges in the country or creating a workforce of doctors, the pace has increased a lot in every field. And that’s why I say that the coming 25 years should be of huge resolutions, this should be our life and this should be our pledge….


Today we are witnessing the structure of Digital India. We are looking at start-ups. Who are these people? This is that pool of talent who lives in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, or in villages and belongs to poor families. These are our youngsters who are coming before the world today with new discoveries. We have to give up the colonial-era mentality. Instead, we must rely on our capabilities.

Secondly, we must feel proud of our heritage. Only when we connect with our land, we will be able to fly high, and when we fly high, we will be able to provide solutions to the world too. We have seen the impact when we take pride in our heritage and culture. Today the world is talking about holistic health care. But when it talks about holistic health care, it looks towards India’s yoga, India’s Ayurveda and India’s holistic lifestyle. This is our legacy that we are providing the world with. The world is being influenced by it today. Now look at our strength. We are the people who know how to live with nature. We know how to love nature. Today the world is facing environment related problems. We have that legacy and the solutions to the problems of global warming. Our ancestors have given us the same. When we talk about an environment-friendly lifestyle and LIFE mission, we attract the attention of the world. We have this power. Coarse paddy and millets are household items. This is our heritage. Due to the hard work of our small farmers paddy flourished on small pieces of land. Today the world is moving ahead to celebrate the millet year at the international level. That means our heritage is being appreciated around the world today. Let us learn to be proud of it. We have a lot to offer to the world.

When it comes to social stress, people talk of our family values; whenever it comes to personal stress, people talk of yoga. When it comes to collective tension, the people talk of the family system of India. The joint family system is an asset. Due to the sacrifices made by our mothers and sisters over the centuries, the ‘joint family system’ has evolved as a legacy. This is our legacy. How can we not be proud of this heritage? We are those people who see Shiva in every living being. We are those people who see Lord Narayana in every man. We are people who call women ‘Narayani’. We are people who see the divine in the plants. We are the people who consider the rivers as mother. We are those people who see Shankar in every stone. This is our power. It is our potential to see every river as a form of mother. Such enormity of the environment is our pride! When we are proud of such heritage, the world too will feel proud of it.

Brothers and Sisters,

We are the people who have given the world the mantra of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. We are the people who believe in “Ekam Sadvipra Bahudha Vadanti”.

In the period of ‘holier than thou’ mentality, today the world is facing a severe crisis due to conflicts caused by the attitude of one upmanship- the reason for all tensions. We have the wisdom to resolve this. Our scholars have said “Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanti” meaning that absolute Truth is one but it is manifested differently. This is our glory. We are the ones who say “yat pinde tat brahmande”, such a wise thought that Whatever is in the universe is in every living being. We were the proponents of such human values.

We are the people who have seen the welfare of the world; we have been on the path of collective good and individual good, not only for our people but the whole world by believing in “sarve bhavantu sukhinaḥ, sarve santu nirāmayāḥ”. It is ingrained in our values that we will pray that may all be prosperous and happy, may all be free from illness, may all see what is auspicious, and may no one suffer. It is our heritage to care for the happiness and good health of all. Hence, we should learn to honour and feel proud of our heritage and value system. It is the strength of our resolve that will be crucial in achieving the dreams in the next 25 years….

While trying to understand all the countries in the world that have made progress; every country that has achieved something, even in personal life, few things emerged. One is disciplined life, and the other is devotion to duty. There should be success in the life of the individual, of the society, of the family, of the nation. This is the fundamental path and the fundamental vital force.

It is the job of the government to make efforts to provide 24 hours electricity but it is the duty of the citizen to save as many units as he can. It is the responsibility and efforts of the government to supply water to every field, but a voice should come from each of my fields that we will move forward by saving water by focusing on ‘per drop more crop’. It is our duty to do chemical free farming, organic farming and natural farming. Friends, whether it is police or people, ruler or administrator, no one can be untouched by this civic duty. If everyone performs the duties of a citizen, I am sure that we can achieve the desired goals ahead of time….

My friends, today we heard this sound after 75 years of independence for which our ears were yearning to hear. For the first time after 75 years, the Made in India cannon has saluted the Tricolour from the Red Fort. Will there be any Indian who will not be inspired by this sound? My dear brothers and sisters, today I want to congratulate the soldiers of the army of my country from my heart. I salute the way the army jawans have shouldered this responsibility of self-reliance in an organized way and with courage. The soldier of the army carries death in his hands. He stands firmly in the middle when there is no gap between death and life. The resolution of our country is not small when the armed forces make a list and decide not to import 300 defence products.

In this resolution, I can see the seed of a bright future of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ that will convert this dream into a banyan tree. Salute! Salute! Salute to my army officers!…..

My Dear Countrymen,

Till today we always remember our revered Lal Bahadur Shastri ji for his inspirational clarion call of Jai Jawan Jai Kisan meaning “Hail the Soldier, Hail the Farmer”. Later Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji added a new link of Jai Vigyan which meant “hail science” and we gave it utmost importance. But in this new phase Amrit Kaal now it is imperative to add Jai Anusandhaan that is “hail innovation”.

Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Jai Vigyan Jai Anusandhaan.

I repose my utmost faith in our youth of the nation. Witness the power of indegenious innovations. Today we have many success stories to show to the world – UPI-BHIM, our digital payment, our compelling position in the domain of Fintech. Today in the world, 40 percent of real time digital financial transactions are happening in my country. India has shown innovation prowess to the world.

My Dear Countrymen,

Today we are all set to enter the 5G era. You don’t have to wait too long before we match the global steps. We are ensuring that optical fiber reaches each and every village until the last mile. I am fully informed that the dream of Digital India will be attained through rural India. Today I am happy that four lakh Common Service Centers of India are being developed in villages which are being managed by the youth of that village. Nation can take pride in the fact that four lakh Digital Entrepreneurs are being nurtured in the villages, and the rural population is becoming accustomed to benefit from all the services. Such is the power of India to become a technology hub in itself.

My Dear Countrymen,

This Digital India movement of developing semiconductors, entering the 5G era, spreading the network of optical fibres is not just to establish ourselves as modern and developed, but it is possible because of three intrinsic missions. The complete transformation of the education ecosystem, revolution in health infrastructure and improvement in the quality of agricultural life will be possible only through digitalization….

We have 75 years of experience, and we have also achieved many accomplishments in these 75 years. We have cherished new dreams and taken new resolutions in 75 years of experience. But, what should be the optimum outcome of our human resources for the ‘Amrit Kaal? How to get the optimum outcome of our natural wealth? We have to move forward with this goal. I want to say something from the experience of the last few years. You must have seen the power of ‘Nari Shakti’ in courts who are working in the field of Law. Look at the public representatives in the rural area. Our ‘Nari Shakti’ is devotedly engaged in solving the problems of our villages. Look at the field of knowledge or science, the ‘Nari Shakti’ of our country is visible right at the top. Even in the police force, our ‘Nari Shakti’ is taking the responsibility of protecting the people. In every walk of life, whether it is the playground or the battlefield, the ‘Nari Shakti’ of India is coming forward with a new strength and a new belief. I can see the manifold contribution of ‘Nari Shakti’, my mothers, sisters and daughters, in the next 25 years compared to the contribution in the last 75 years of India’s journey….

When we talk of the 25 years of Amrit Kaal, I know that there would be many challenges, limitations and problems. We do not underestimate these. We keep on looking for ways and are constantly striving but I wish to discuss two things here. There may be many issues to discuss but considering the time constraint, I would like to talk about two things right now. And I believe that because of all these challenges and problems if we do not take corrective steps while there is still time during 25 years of ‘Amrit Kaal’, then it could take a turn for the worse.

So, I do not want to discuss everything but would definitely want to focus on two issues. One is corruption and the other is nepotism and the dynasty system. In a democracy like India where people are struggling with poverty and do not have a place to live, there are people who do not have a place to keep their ill-gotten money. This is not an ideal situation. So we have to fight against corruption with all our might. In the last eight years, we have been successful in working for the betterment of the country by saving two lakh crore rupees which used to go into the wrong hands, using all the modern systems like Direct Benefit Transfer, Aadhaar and Mobile. Those who fled the country after looting banks during the tenure of the previous government, we have seized their property and are trying to get them back. Some have been forced to go behind the bars. We are trying to ensure that those who looted the country are compelled to return…..

Brothers and sisters, the corrupt are eating away the country like termites. I have to fight against it, intensify the fight and have to take it to a decisive point. So, my 130 crore countrymen, please bless me and support me! Today I have come to seek your support and cooperation so that I can fight this battle. I hope the country becomes victorious in this war. The lives of the ordinary citizens have been ruined by corruption. So, I want to make sure that the ordinary citizens are once again able to live with dignity…..

Another point to highlight is rampant nepotism. And whenever I talk about nepotism or dynasty, people think I am talking only in the context of politics. Not at all. Unfortunately, it is being nourished in other Indian institutions as well. Family bias Nepotism has gripped many of our institutions today. This is sadly harming the immense talent pool of our country. The future potential of my country is suffering. Those who are legitimate contenders of these opportunities and are genuinely eligible get sidelined due to nepotism. This is a good reason for corruption. Since they feel that they stand no chance to avail opportunities as per norms, these potential and deserving candidates resort to paying bribes to get a job. All of us have to work hard on fighting Nepotism by becoming more aware and creating an antipathy for this. Only such efforts can save our institutions and ingrain ethical behaviour in our future generations. This is mandatory to ensure a bright future of our institutions. Similarly, in politics too, family bias or dynasty has done the most injustice to the country’s strength. It becomes a way to benefit only the family and has no connection towards the national good.

And therefore, while remembering the Constitution of India, standing under the tricolor from the ramparts of the Red Fort, I want to say with an open heart to all the countrymen- let us all join hands for the purification and cleansing of Indian politics and for the cleansing of all the institutions of India, we have to liberate the country from this family mentality and move towards taking the country forward on the basis of merit. It is more imperative now than ever. Otherwise, everyone will carry heavy resentment that s/he was deserving but could not succeed as there was no family member vouching for them in the ecosystem. Such a mentality is not good for any country.

Dear youth of my country, for your bright future, for your dreams, I seek your support in the fight against nepotism. I want your support in the fight against dynastic politics. I consider this as my constitutional responsibility.

(Excerpts from the speech of the Prime Minister at Red Fort on August 15, 2022, India’s 76th Independence Day)

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