High Time Russian Action in Ukraine Is Looked At From Humanitarian Angle

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Duration of Mahabharata, India-China War of 1962 and Indo-Pak War of 1971 was 18 days, 31 days and 14 days respectively.

Russian invasion of Ukraine, however, has entered 26th day already.

Will it be inching closer to our war with China?

Was it Called For ?

Do we hope and pray for cessation of hostilities now that more than 3 million refugees have left Ukraine according to United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR).

It is the largest such exodus since World War II.

The UN body has further reported that 700 civilians (?) have been killed.But the real number is bound to be higher as war is turning bloodier day by day.

Interim numbers are always shrouded in mystery in such situations.Claims & counterclaims always have a field day in such outright inhuman situations.

Talking of humanity, Geneva Convention,World Human Rights Day on 10th December etc, one is reminded of the following slogan suggested by this author for NHRC India , in august presence of the then President of India, Late Pranab Mukherjee, way back on 10th December 2012:

“It is easy to be a man or woman. Not everyone is humane. Let Us Inculcate Humanity”.

In the present context, whole pain & misery especially to tiny tots and intensification of attacks leading to soaring of deaths is becoming crystal clear with each passing day THAN any other previous war.

In the latest episode, a grand columned and marvellous theatre building at Mariupol, sheltering children and hundreds of homeless civilians has been blown up by a Russian airstrike.

Alas We Appear Helpless !

Should not we show our human face and be proactive in mobilizing public opinion or coming to Brasstacks, supporting the protests and acts of valour not only in Ukraine but also within Russia, wherein, demonstrations from day one have now assumed the shape of supply of food, medicine and other essentials to the Suffering ‘Cousins” in Ukraine.

Truce Talks Becoming A Formality

Coming to talks, from physical initial rounds at agreed and neutral venues, the medium has now become virtual. BUT OF NO AVAIL.

During such sessions, from sensitive matters, such as, humanitarian corridor to apprehension regarding use of Bio and Chemical weapons and their overall impact on ecology and Environment ought to be discussed, in overall interest of humanity.

Vital Human Angle

One may, rather one should ask What’s the latest stand of UNO ? Or for that matter, the UN Human Rights Commissioner (Council) based in Geneva ?

Well, the mission or objective of this Council set up during the time of League of Nations, is to promote and PROTECT human rights around the world.

Are they Sensitive ?

It kept quiet when men & women were being tortured by the Talibans in Afghanistan and now innocent children are suffering from acute malnutrition. It has been a silent observer also when as many as 81 executions were carried out, including of foreigners, by Saudi Arabia recently.

Coming to UNHCR, it is observing and keeping track of refugees from Ukraine but not sending its Brand Ambassadors, to border cross points along Poland, Rumania, Slovenia, Maltova borders etc.

The suffering and equally devastated Yemen refugee women and children have, however been seen recently by the U.N. body.

Assertion By President Zelensky

President Zelensky, after giving a historic address to British and Canadian Parliaments has done so before the U.S. Congress and German Parliament.

He seems to be becoming politically and diplomatically more mature day by day. from denying rumours about his running away to making regular T.V. appearances to taking the unprecedented step of physically handing over bravery medals to the injured soldiers within the precincts of frequently attacked and dilapidated hospitals.

Hours later after invoking Pearl Harbour and the September 11,2001 terror attacks, U.S. has committed an additional $ 800 Millions military aid to Ukraine, including more anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons and Drones.

Latest Stand of International Court of Justice

While Russian invasion is being valiantly defended by Ukrainean Army and people in Kyiv, Kharkhiev, Odessa, Irpin, Mariupol etc, on the nuclear and environment front, more adverse news could be expected. Flow of vital data to IAEA is also not taking place.

The International Court of Justice, however, has NOW ordered Russia to stop attacking Ukraine immediately.
The Kremlin spokesman, however, has rejected the Order.

All said and done, the whole anger, panic, lust and unjustifiable desire to Crush and Suppress may come to an end one day.

But how will Post War restoration and redevelopment work be taken up ?

In this gigantic exercise, will “escapist” NATO or any of its members extend a helping hand ?

That looks like a million Euro Question at the moment.

Who will have clue to a sort of Sustainable Solution to crucial, described human challenges ?

Perhaps Ukraineans in general, upset & shattered already, are bound to suffer for years to come.

(The author is former Chief Secretary, Sikkim)

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