Mini General Elections : Modus Operandi, Trends & Patterns

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Every representative body has a fixed term.Election is supposed to be conducted as per a guiding legislation,well honoured and to be followed by everyone in black & white. Model Code of Conduct becomes a cardinal principle. Any deviation may raise eyebrows depending upon conduct of involved players or performers. Extreme or exemplary punishment, however, hardly follows.

Significance of Voters

While seeking a mandate, every eligible voter looks important .No sooner than later ,he/she loses primacy. Those remembered fondly once may be thought of as redundant with change in circumstances.

Many a time ,change of constituency may lead to shift in loyalty or following.In the event of repetition, the electorate have to weigh rightly gains or losses or cleavage between expectation and actual fulfilment.

Bond between voters and voted is supposed to fructify if requirements pertaining to basic or minimum needs are appreciated and the achievement process is within the purview of managed resources. Dissatisfaction or resentment begin developing if representative’s acquisitions begin getting PRECEDENCE over that of collectivity.

Caste and class equations in Indian situations disappear faster than expected. A certain resolve to pursue Self interest becomes prominent.Family members and relatives, instead of fine tuning, mostly darken the interface.

Trends & Patterns

A close look at last Mini General election involving W.B., Assam, T.N., Kerala and Pondicherry and the current one having U.P.,U.K.,Punjab, Manipur and Goa in the fray, reveal the following:

# “Local” is crucial but it has the propensity to get transformed into “Regional”.

A drift from “National” may not be advisable.As such, we lack National Character,

# Show of strength gets confined to a series of allegations and counter allegations, sometimes over petty issues,

# Owing to Covid, Whether a rally is virtual or physical, no oratory skill or articulation may be needed.Quality of speeches or utterances mostly reflect warnings and threats.Politeness or humility is either absent or sidelined or gone,

# Parivar-Vaad or Family rule has to be mentioned even by those having a Bachelor or Spinster status( Their number is growing).

One may ask which outfit does not promote kith and kin, election after election, either in a latent or in a manifest way ?

# Ironically, a voice is also heard off and on: Good, qualified and experienced should enter the political arena,

# Chief Ministers have begun playing a more robust and leading role and that so called Star Speakers do not matter or simply have outlived their utility. One wonders as to how files get disposed of, forgetting about sparing quality time for hearing and redressal of public grievances.

Dismal if Not Pathetic Scenario

# Talking about ending Freebies, subsidies, eradicating black money ,proper upkeep of health, education,water & sanitation assets at the cutting edge and spelling out a Population policy do not get the attention that they deserve.

# In a span of nine to ten weeks from announcement to the end of process of elections, further slowing down of work in Government offices and public oriented works and schemes is seen.It happens against the backdrop of a long wait for examinations for degree or employment oriented courses.

# Corona or Covid or Delta or Omicron, elections have to be held in the name of Praja tantra( Democracy).

In sum and substance, a ground for a sort of Election Tourism emerges with least risks involved.

Whether such trends will also affect or impact the next General Elections in 2024, only time will tell.

Events Akin To Tourism Scenario

In the present spectrum what is not there to be seen or experienced that a normal, relaxed tourist does not aspire ?

Thrill, adventure, entertainment, suspense, songs, music, dances, cuisine, rural- urban exposure or superficial contact and sympathy with the masses ?

However, Seasonal employment or engagement opportunities also emerge from the grip of primordial loyalties.

No harm comes upon making promises bereft of assessment or appraisal of individual or community resources or capacity.

Element of violence or importance of muscle power may look subsided but truth still takes a back seat.Groping in dark or promising castles in the air may not cost anything.

Mere mincing or shuffling of words should suffice. Rumour mongering and something “becoming viral” also has a certain impact over the psyche of people.

Assumption of fresh roles for mediators, analysts, critics or upcoming election guides cum managers based on past and present trends is also not ruled out.

For people employed in printing, video film making, event management, transportation or those aiming to make a quick buck, such occasions provide a readymade or God sent opportunity.

It is also the ideal time to try your hand at fresh networks, harbour relationships or get acquainted with actual & serious intellectuals or pseudo “ThinkTanks”.

One may never know, a situation of victory or loss in a political spectrum may open other “Flood gates” ?

Let us Wait and Watch.

(The author is former Chief Secretary, Sikkim)

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