Lata Mangeshkar, Kolhapur’s Spinster and Nightingale of World

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Sur Kokila and Reigning Queen of Music with an unthinkable patriotic and sporting spirit, she is Gone Forever, Mortally, but perhaps Not from Our Heart and Mind.

Those of Us Who not only Feel but Believe That –

Music Has the Aura, Strength and Mesmerìsing Ability to bind, Give Us a Solid, unbreakable company at all the situations, All the twists & turns, All the Joys & Sorrows……..

Would Get Solace Always in Her Memories.

A person of her stature, she cannot be adjudged as a Legend after getting immersed with five elements of nature in the evening of 6th February, 2022.

She was already an undisputed Legend, a Giant Personality with unimaginable simplicity, humility, passion and professionalism even when she would walk, gently speak and sing in her life time.

Beginning from a raw age of 9 or 13 years, she took up little bit of acting non-descript roles in Marathi films, to graduate into leaving a mark as a Singer of Repute, earlier than one would have expected. She grew up almost like the young nation of Bharat.

It took place upon losing her affectionate, caring and music oriented father.

She had the responsibility to look after widow mother, four sisters, a brother and a Mausi (mother’s sister).

What one gathers, she took her role so seriously that she became a singer par excellence no doubt but side by side, also took adequate care for singing career of her equally talented siblings.

It was perhaps an onerous or honourable responsibility, not everyone is capable of shouldering.

And, then deciding Not to enter the Wedlock, At all.

More than 30 thousand songs in 36 languages, all delivered with command, acumen and wide following, universally.

That was the mettle and make of Lata Didi or Lata Jee.This gift of Goddess Saraswati would glitter like gold.

On losing such a rarest of rare Ratna, one is generally tempted to say routinely- He/she was………………… , Void Left by her Can Not be Filled and what not ?

Shower with All conceivable Adjectives may follow.

But in her case, in view of her wide range and impact for 79 long years, one may have to struggle, finding a suitable or befitting expression.

Her guts to record a song at the ripe age of ninety is simply remarkable. Never heard of before.

Show by such great Show persons Must go on………

But who will actually fit in that shoe, will be difficult to pinpoint in present struggling Omicron ridden circumstances. She, herself could not withstand onslaught of Covid and Pneumonia.

All including the PM attended her “Send off”, except a representative of much talked about Nehru family. SAD.

One wishes and prays, her life story becomes integral part of school syllabus to impart virtues of patience and perseverance, together with Tyaag and Tapasya.

RIP Lata Jee and her Evergreen Charisma.


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