Four Year Integrated Teacher Education Programme from Next Academic Session

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Few days back, the Government of India (The Ministry of Education) notified a four-year Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP), which is a dual-major holistic bachelor’s degree offering BA-BEd, BSc-BEd and BCom-BEd.

The course will be offered from the 2022-23 academic session in pilot mode initially in about 50 selected multidisciplinary institutions across the country.

According to the new National Education Policy (NEP), teacher engagement from 2030 onwards will be only through ITEP.

“The National Council for Teacher Education has devised the curriculum of this course in such a way that it enables a student-teacher to get a degree in education as well as a specialised discipline such as history, mathematics, science, arts, economics, or commerce,” said a senior official of the ministry.

“ITEP will not only impart cutting-edge pedagogy, but will also establish a foundation in early childhood care and education, foundational literacy and numeracy , inclusive education, and an understanding of India and its values, ethos, art, traditions, among others,” the official added.

The four-Year ITEP will be available for all students who choose teaching as a profession after secondary, by choice. This integrated course will benefit students since they will save one year by finishing it in four years rather than the customary five years required by the present B.Ed. plan (after completing a bachelor’s degree).

Dual-major bachelor’s degrees will be offered under ITEP, integrating basic BA and BSc degrees with BEd.

Admission for the ITEP will be carried out by the National Testing Agency (NTA) through the National Common Entrance Test (NCET).

This course will be offered by multidisciplinary institutions and will become as the minimal degree qualification for school teachers.

It is said that the Four Year ITEP is a milestone achievement in fulfilling one of the major mandates of National Education Policy 2020. “The course will contribute substantially to the revitalization of the whole teacher education sector. The prospective teachers passing out of this course through a multi-disciplinary environment, grounded in Indian values and traditions will be instilled with the needs of 21st century on global standards, and hence will be largely helpful in shaping the future of New India”, said an official.

Incidentally, a survey in “TNTEU International Journal of Educational Research” has identified both pros and cons of the proposed ITEP.

Pros of Integrated Teacher Education Programme:

• In present Education system 5 year is require to get B.Ed. degree. But ITEP saves students’ one-year valuable time and money.

• After completion of ITEP, students are eligible to get admission for post- graduation courses in respective subjects in universities.

• ITEP prepares high quality teachers in the Major and pedagogy subjects.

• Students will get admission through National level aptitude test, it helps students to get the seats in government quota.

• ITEP students will gets dual-liberal bachelors degree, in Education and specialized subjects such as History, Mathematics, Computer, Science, Economics, Music etc.

• Students learning will be evaluated through continuous assessment pattern Via seminars, test, etc.

• Students will learn science or Arts along with the Education.

• Teacher Educator can give his complete focus towards students learning, because of small number of the students.

• ‘Moderation board’ will monitor the quality of teacher Education institutions.

• Publication, field actions of Faculty will be encouraged.

• Educational Institutions shall charge the fee, as prescribed by the State Government.

• ITEP provides good infrastructure facilities to learners like library and laboratories, etc.

• Teacher Education Institutions will conduct community service, Adult Education , Vocational Education and Community living camp with the help of school complex.

Cons of Integrated Teacher Education Programme:-

• Long duration of the programme, not supporting the girls study; they get married.

• Most of the faculty in B.Ed colleges have got their master Degree through distance Education mode and they have not skilled full to teach in the multi-disciplinary Institutions.

• Sports, cultural activities are not given much importance in ITEP programme.

• Some colleges giving Internal marks on the basis of caste, religion and gender of the students.

• Lack of full time Faculty.

• Many Colleges do not have proper Computer, multimedia, internet, photocopying facilities.

• Enough books are not available in many college libraries.

However, what is important to note is that the Survey said that 81% of Students were agreed that ITEP will create better Teachers than two Years B.Ed programme. And all agreed that Teacher Education is truly vital in creating the team of quality Teachers in India.

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