Relevance of Gandhi in Present Context

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It goes without saying that Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi or Baapu, the Patron Saint of Porbander, was the most formidable public figure in the country’s Freedom Struggle. His almost ” non- violent tirade” was not only exceptional, he also tried his basic tenets of peace, truth, non-violence, passive resistance, self purification, Swatchchata etc, exceedingly well. Impact of such time tested “mantras” is discernible even now.

His economic thinking and diplomatic nuances inferred possibly from his writings and speeches, should not be discussed here as these did not have relevance to his focussed domain of liberty from the British.

More and more indulgence in the rude actions, perpetrated by our lust for neo colonialism, amid actions guided by the emerging developments in Science & Technology also aided by Narco Terrorism, not only force us to review and re-work our strategies, continued loss of manpower and property also has adverse effect on the imagination and initiatives for multi- pronged development.No doubt ,at the face value, they may attract, yet , these may not be sustaining, keeping in view the needs of Future Generations.

It has been widely felt that the Sustainable Development strategy should be the leading light in a plethora of human endeavours.To a great extent, the spike in the cases of Covid-19 especially in the second wave, should have put us on alert immensely, if not adequately compensated for the Needy. But what we feel and experience is generally an opposite phenomenon with shaky foundations.

No longer apparent patronage and “support” of UNO or much subdued WHO, continues to be a silent spectator to spate in mass killings, volcano eruptions, forest fires, landslides, cyclones, chemical & Bio warfare etc.

Also in what manner can we justify irrational acts and unsustainable designs that are made to appear as acts of accidents?

At the drop of hat, normal physical or the arms power is considered synonymous to combat opposition. Recently one has seen atrocious mayhem in Afghanistan. Voices in the lowest rung of society and of women folk in general, something Gandhi jee always advocated for, are being systematically suppressed.Those who led from front,are now lying low. Many of the perpetrators also not only appear helpless but they may modify if not endorse the “new” modus operandi altogether.

Basic aim and endeavour of Marxism perhaps has been to capture the throne with Gun Power. And all the Naxal hit Left Wing Terrorism states are witnessing use of hatred and fire power against the State, per se, first hitting the local Police, before often marginalizing the Central Police forces.How can Truth and non-violence work in such trying circumstances ?

Communal Twist

While the supremacy of the State & its unquestioned authority, has been correctly asserted time and again, yet there are foreign elements who tend to exploit the economic condition and relative educational level of a vast population, mainly from religious viewpoint.

Mostly Indoctrination begins at a young age by exploiting the loopholes of out-dated rules and regulations of the British era. Commendably, more than a hundred of these have been declared null and void, yet we have miles to go.

Most of the time, the State may and should appear as Protector & Saviour but they may appear helpless if not infructuous, if people in general provide adequate and regular support.

Constructive Feedback

Feedback, not necessarily criticism, should be forthcoming from both the beneficiaries and to the identified human targets.

Sustainable Planning for the masses is possible in a peaceful setting, Not amid almost a year of blocking of important national highways, first at Shaheen Bagh and later at three points at the Delhi ‘Border’, by a large section of the so-called Kissan agitators.

Is the Redressal of Grievances An Ongoing Process?

When most of the key grievances are being listened to and ventilated even after applying non Gandhian methods, road and rail blockades, and two national level “Bharat Bandhs”, there has to be a reciprocity, if not an apology to a dialogue process.

Maligning the Father of Nation ?

It has been observed that we tend to also take the fair name of RASTRAPITA to begin a struggle or a strike or a bandh but very soon, we show a tendency to become outright Violent.

We should not forget that soon after burning of a Police station at Chauri Chaura, Gandhiji had called off the Non Cooperation movement.

Drawing a lesson, the Kisaan Agitation should have been CALLED OFF on 26th January 2021, when the Red Fort was desecrated.

It has been observed that not only the activists are self sustaining, rather, a tacit support ,including money from powerful countries keep emerging and seen prominently ,time and again.

One may carry out amendments, ensure checks and balances but the extent of fire within us is difficult to measure if not impossible to gauge.

Gandhiji may have met his nemesis on 30th January 1950 but his spirit must Light our young nation having centuries- old sustainable and tenable traditions and scientific brains that developed, ahead of times.They had the required inclination and propensity.

All anger may be foolish.Acts of violence nowadays are bereft of reason and rationality. The state can and must be the Watchdog but the populace too have to understand their basic ,minimum responsibility for the process of nation building.

Rights without commensurate duties may appear unreasonable & unsustainable and one may perish because of this in the long run.

When weapons of Satyagraha and Strike augmented things to the detriment of British, they began resorting to ‘ Divide & Rule’.

While Chauri Chaura incident led to withdrawal of Non Co-operation Movement in1919-20, the Kissan Agitation sponsors too Need to read the ” Writing On The Wall”.

Similar perilous trends are noticeable in other areas too. Not only the expression “Harijan”, coined by the Mahatma, has been misused by vested interests, but reservation meant ONLY For10 years, has NEVER been Halted.Its very purpose is being defeated, apart from addition of the EWS to the domain of of the highly misused “Protective Discrimination”,

Vested members of media not only get sarcastic pleasure in their unique modus operandi, occasional or professional activists are also projected as Heroes, thus ignoring the very cause of sufferings of the common man. And the expression “tool” too gets converted into that of “Tool Kit”.

‘Aam Aadmi ‘under any regime has to be dependent upon’ Khaas Aadmi’, when even the Leftists appear themselves clad in the attire of capitalism.

Last Line Connectivity(LLC), actual redressal of issues relating to Delivery of Resources(DoR) is becoming increasingly a farce.

Caste base or factor takes the Access to essential Class Base according to the whims & fancies of the Power Elite, who ,as per Wilfredo Pareto have a tendency to “Circulate”.

In Gandhi’s India, we seem to be extra critical without contributing to a Solution Mechanism.

No wonder the Supreme Court has wondered – ” How can Kisaan Agitation go on indefinitely when in Question HAVE BEEN PUT ON HOLD ?”

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