Continuity and Change  in Universal Diplomacy & Living Patterns

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It is said that an individual takes birth in a free environment but owing to his unconvincing lust not need, he ignores customs, traditions ,do’s, don’ts and codified rules & regulations. A time may arrive when a value system may not unite.But innumerable circumstances through a period of time give birth to dissent and disagreements, thus leading to doubts and suspicions.

At times, one comes across a stage when negative vibes surpass positive ones leaving no ground for ethics, morality, and rationality.

Era of Geopolitics

2) Initially Geo Politics would hold fort when it came to societies, principalities and later countries.In the age of self reliant economies, there was no extra urge and that luxuries or necessities entered the fray, later.

Such an ideal typical phase did not have a degree of permanence, so differences began surfacing, soon to be followed in a latent or manifest manner in other societies.May be, Guerilla wars, short period skirmishes, minor battles and ultimately, full fledged wars would take place.

Industrial Revolution

3) In the beginning of twentieth century, “birds of same feather were flocking together”.Some would display leadership quality due to their, the then high position in the hierarchy. Rest would be followers in the name of religion, ethnicity or proximity.Generally a block of loose nationalities would be pitted against groups similar to them.

Gradual developments in culture, living patterns, education, religion etc took place but it was the industrial revolution that became the turning point.Its a different issue that simultaneous suppression of farm and industrial labour also took place .It would lead to feelings of dislike & hatred against the owning class.Concepts and expressions like Bourgeois and Proletariat came to the fore.Treatises and books were authored.

Individuals began not only displaying extra territorial interests but these would be pursued further without much self control.

Period of World Wars

4) World War I from 28th July 1914 to 11th November 1918 demolished Notions and Nations, devastated people and places and made millions hopeless and homeless. Apart from the infamous Spanish Flue, it ĺed to unlimited demands as against limited or restricted supplies. As health standards, level of education and communication means were abysmally poor in India, more than men, women succumbed.

As if this was not enough, some tension, some simmering discontent could not possibly be resolved.These lingered on for no apparent rhyme and reason and two decades later, from 1st September 1939 to 2nd September 1944, World War II came knocking.

No one can forget.reign of terror and the infamous Gas Chambers, unleashed by Adolf Hitler and dropping of Atom Bombs over meek and helpless populace of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Many countries, such as, India which were subservient, were compelled to side with their rulers.Thus a good deal of manpower and resources had to be diverted, exploited and sacrificed.

League of Nations & UNO

5) League of Nations, with four permanent members was the first worldwide intergovernmental organisation.It functioned in a very subdued way from 10th January 1920 to 20th April 1946.

Though a new broad based set up of U.N.O. was founded by 51 countries at San Francisco on 24th October 1945, yet complete dominance “of a few” over ” several” began getting reflected in session after session.Veto power to” famous five” made all the difference.

USA which along with Saudi Arabia, had not joined LOA for the reasons known to her, in no time, emerged as a leading power by outsmarting England. She, reportedly, made 73 interventions after 2nd World War.

Cold War & de tant

6) A relatively peaceful era was followed by Cold War period, when countries would differ, speak, come together for a while, to go astray again.But war in real sense generally appeared a distant possibility.An era of cold war between old opponents ,padded by fresh alignments and realignments, therefore, became the order of the day.

With the passage of time, the world living and relationship scenario took the shape of a “de tant”or an era of relaxation of strained relations.

Further developments in science and technology began favorably responding to change if not transition in perceptions concerning education and vocations, succeeded by fresh frontiers of higher education. An education pattern that would not only feed the mind but also the belly.

Means of Communication: Rapid Strides

7) A time arrived when need for fresh alignments without moving closer to each other, began taking shape.Separatist tendencies had to be buried. Adjustment patterns had to go ahead.

TELEPHONES were first to be introduced, followed much later by RADIOS.

These revolutuonised behavior, working and information patterns.

TRANSISTORS entered the scene with effect from 23rd December 1947, followed by TELEVISION.It brought more smile and cheer & relaxation to life, especially in family setting.It picked up momentum very fast as man was not merely satisfied with listening.He was also tempted to see the things for himself.Perhaps to have a better feel & perception.

CELL PHONES introduced by Motorola company on 3rd April,1973 provided better, reliable and more convenient services. In the beginning, the device was not cost effective ,however, in the last decade, it has touched everybody, so much so that it is difficult to think of life bereft of a cell.

In conducting, receiving and responding during Online Classes, running of offices, businesses. accidents,
calamities etc during two Covid waves, it has proved Essential, Effective and Trusted device.

But not all users can afford a Smart Phone.Nor all know how to make its minimum or optimum use, to Get the Best Results.Time Management has to be inculcated & learnt with the passage of time.

Next device or medium known as INTERNET began functioning from 1st January 1983. Its global area network could connect computer systems across the world, on line services , Web,E-mail,Social Media,In line gaming etc.Last two ,nevertheless, are proving to be a liability, as Greed element is becoming predominant.

Side by side, new forms of WIRELESS systems, telephones, portable or cordless devices, keep hitting the earth.

Advent of Cells in India

By 1996-97; mobile phones made appearance in India. Though initially expensive, their overall network not only began expanding very rapidly but these hand held tiny machines ensured more actual and at times, unwanted volume in terms of messages & conversations.Things became loud and clear but by and large, people began taking recourse to BLATANT LIES according to situation.

WHATSAPP from 2013-14 further changed if not revolutionized the nuts & bolts of human interaction processes.

Soon, rapid spread of CORONA virus called for less physical or face to face interface and thus, reality began becoming ” VIRTUAL” in a new “NORMAL” era.


8) Reverting to the theme, from Geopolitics, we seem to have got into Geo- Economics phase. Already divided World was further sub divided and began facing fresh challenges of separatism ,unification and reunification, mostly in Europe. New and decisive era of GLOBAL VILLAGE not only ARRIVED but it was here to stay.

I.T., Internet and several other devices spread their tentacles. Mankind began feeling a justified or loose notions towards coming together of nations.

Uncalled For Interventions Internationally

9) Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan again, showed nothing but shameless dance of Neo-imperialism, as compared to erstwhile Colonial Rule by British.What ultimately happened vis a vis what was planned, is Now Very Well Known to still thinking and rational human beings.


10) Terrorism continues to be in the forefront even after 26 days of ” CHANGE” with 17 of wanted world terrorists figuring prominently in the thirty four member, just announced structure of soon to take over Government of “Emirate of Afghanistan”. While women hit the streets daily in defence of their genuine rights, ruling spokesmen take funny stands as

“They can work but only according to Shariat, Women Sports is neither appropriate nor necessary”, etc.

Status of Dominion Status Nations

11) While Canada, Australia, NewZealand, Newfound land, Falklands etc are still ruled from Buckingham Palace, notable places like, Hongkong had to be returned to “original owner” China, leading to tense situations, protests, occasional outbursts, so on and so forth.

In the post Wuhan era, this liberated and restored piece of highly prosperous business hub, having a key location, continues to play a “leading” role.

In addition, many of Wuhan experts too continue to get shelter ,on way to safer hideouts in Europe.

12) Earlier entry & exodus of USSR into and from Afghanistan ,followed by two decade long occupation by the US led forces, goes on to reflect that GeoEconomics too cannot succeed on its own.Same has to be given tonic from time to time in the form of Back Track and sometimes, Loud and Clear Diplomacy.

One may indulge in Geo economics but only by giving due credence to the Geo political constraints.

A.B.Vajpayee, the former P.M. of India, incidentally is reported to have said:

“You can change your friends but not neighbours”.

In my humble words,

‘They exist, are destined to exist, side by side, if not necessarily bound by the feeling and spirit of togetherness’.


13) While fresh diplomatic moves, such as, revival of QUAD spirit by the USA seems to have got a certain nod from Japan,Australia,France and India in the name of “maritime interests” in the Indian and possibly Pacific Ocean zones, actual motive appears to check further dominance of China in the South China Sea region. In the ultimate analysis,China is not only going to be “Encircled”,but to be kept on its tenterhooks also.


14) Israel, with the background of its internecine issues with Palestinians also appears to be in slight changing mode after its solid grip over Science & Technology, land management, horticulture, arms & ammunitions, including fast emerging Drones, Not only traditional & known hatred against the Arab World in general and Palestine in particular is showing some positive overtones, if not an urge for a change, but she has also gone to the extent of approaching and establishing diplomatic relations with Muslim powers ,such as, Morocco and the UAE.Both initiatives were reportedly brokered by USA.

No wonder, recently held meeting between the Palestine President and Israeli Foreign Minister even after resumption of hostilities in West Bank and Gaza Strip assumes significance if not a departure.It happened soon after the new Israeli P.M.’s visit to the USA and requisite advice rendered ,presumably ,therefrom.

In the light of this, eagerness, followed by actual dialogue process between the Taliban and India at Doha should not be seen from the angle of suspicion.


15) Prior to leaving the “mouse,” one is tempted to say:


Mankind has to remain on Earth, unless actualisation of Moon or Mars Mission happens.But there is no Guarantee, whatsoever, of Peace and Amity, therein also, due to omnipresent dominance of Greed over Need.

(The author is a retired Chief Secretary, Sikkim)

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