UN Must Mind Its Own Business And Not Teach Us Law

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It is an international disgrace that at a time when 10,000 terrorists who are all mostly Talibanis are entering in one go from Pakistan to Afghanistan to occupy it and massacre whoever comes in their way with full help, active support both moral and material with latest weapons as has been claimed by many Afghanistani leaders including their President, UN appears just least bothered about it and is just concerned about India always and keep criticizing India on one count or the other! Did UN create India? My best friend Sageer Khan said on this way back in 1995 that, “What is UN? It is ruled by just US and UK. France, China and Russia are just servants of US and UK and China got permanent membership because of US and UK. Who created India and got it partitioned in 1947 on the basis of religion? It is again UN ruled by US and UK. UN loves Pakistan and hates India. So never get surprised that why Taliban aided, abetted and armed by Pakistan have taken over Afghanistan and UN watching with smile on face! Hindus, Shia Muslims, Sikhs, Indian Muslims who migrated to Pakistan called Mohajjirs are raped, insulted, punished and then killed! Yet UN is proud always of Pakistan as it is the brain child of US and UK who rule UN and who want to crush India as patriotic Indians forced Britishers to leave India. It was UK who again advised Nehru our first PM to disregard the advice of Dr BR Ambedkar who favoured retention of polygamy in his Hindu Code Bill 1951 and not abolish polygamy among Muslims so that slowly Muslims become majority and Hindus become minority and India never gets stability and they could again come back to rule India.”

Adding more to it, Sageer Khan also said that, “Pakistan is a rogue state which should be declared a “terror state” but UN will never do so and rather will do everything possible to look the other way around and pretend as if everything is ok when Pakistani trained terrorists termed Taliban which in Islam means “students” invade Afghanistan and do what their master that is Pakistan teaches them – plunder, rape, kill and destroy all idols and make Afghanistan a hardcore Islamic country. This is the dream project of US and UK. It is this UN which always advocates that it is the birth right of Pakistanis to invade India and India in turn should always beg for talks, hold dialogues with terror groups as we have been seeing also since last many decades. When population of Hindus is reduced from 50% to 2% or 1%, UN never says anything as it feels that Pakistan has the right to kill Hindus and it was because of this that UN ensured India’s partition.” He said a lot more things also but it is just not possible to mention each and every such feelings on Pakistan and UN dominated by US and UK! Some of them I will discuss here also even though I will not name him again and again.

Needless to say, we are seeing for ourselves how US, UK and UN feel very concerned only for Pakistan and reprimands it or takes action against only those who target US or UK as we saw in case of Osama bin Laden who it is said was trained by US and UK against erstwhile USSR troops who had marched to Afghanistan. This alone ensured that USSR had to run away as Pakistan and Taliban were backed by US and UK! Osama enjoyed life in heart of Pakistan as long as he didn’t target US or UK but as his men hit US on 9/11 at World Trade Towers, US along with UK and the rest of the permanent members vowed to take action and ultimately Osama was killed right deep inside Pakistan. It is US and UK who remote control UN and who always pressurize India to hold talks and dialogues with Pakistan as we saw during Kargil war and declare “Ramzan ka ceasefire” as our successive governments have been doing also in last few decades.

Coming to the present, United Nations Human Rights experts have appealed to the Indian Government to halt the mass eviction that is taking place in Khori Gaon in Faridabad, Haryana that will render 100,000 people including 20,000 children, homeless in the midst of the monsoon season. UN experts said most worryingly that, “We call on India to urgently review its plans for razing Khori Gaon and to consider regularizing the settlement so as not to leave anyone homeless….No one should be forcibly evicted without adequate and timely compensation.” I too feel that we must be tolerant and when we can tolerate farmers blocking roads in Delhi since last many months and a year will be completed soon then why can’t we be more tolerant towards them also who are living in illegal homes and be more sympathetic just like we sympathise with Rakesh Tikait and his farmers who attacked Red Fort on Republic Day and yet our Government is always ready to hold talks with them? But the moot question here is: Why these same UN experts keep their trap shut when Hindus and Mohajjir Muslims in Pakistan and Muslims of Baluchistan, Sindh, etc are mercilessly murdered by spraying bullets and bombs from tanks, fighter jets etc. Yet India most shamelessly, most senselessly and most stupidly refuse to see anything and with full humbleness repeatedly keep demanding a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. But UN dominated by US and UK feel human rights record of China is excellent and of India is very bad and this alone explains why it ignores when people are brutally murdered there but for India it gets so worried as we see now that it cannot control itself from lashing out at India at the drop of a hat! For them Pakistan has birth right to kill Hindus, Muslims who are sympathetic to India but Hindus have no right but to hold “talks and dialogues” with terrorists and repeatedly keep declaring ceasefire!

India has lost lakhs of people to terrorists sponsored directly by Pakistan arming them with latest weapons, arms and what not but UN keeps telling India that as big brother it is India’s responsibility to always show tolerance and talk peace, peace and nothing but peace with Pakistan! UN ensures that Pakistan is never blacklisted as Afghanis whom Talibanis trained by Pakistan kills and similarly Balochis, Sindhis and Pakhtoons in Pakistan among others have got no right but to survive on whims and fancies of Pakistani Army which is really ruling Pakistan but of which UN is proud even though UN and its rating agencies always downgrade India on democracy and keep teaching us lessons on how we should behave because till 1947 we were slaves of Britishers and so slaves and their successors have to be guided and similarly Pakistan has to be kept fully motivated to carry out “support terror policy” brazenly against India with no check whatsoever!

To be sure, UN is proud that our first PM Jawaharlal Nehruji selectively abolished polygamy for Hindus alone and not for Muslims as Muslims prior to Britishers were the ones who ruled India and so they must enjoy privileges just like they did earlier. Britishers had a very serious grievance that Hindus mostly forced them to evict and so were very happy that with monogamy being imposed the population of Hindus would fall, fall and fall and that of Muslims would increase, increase and increase!

UN feels very strongly that they are above Indian Supreme Court. After all UK ruled India till 1947 and UK who feels one with US as both are Christian countries have the unfettered right to dictate as to how India would be governed and not our Supreme Court! It may be recalled that on 7 June 2021, the Supreme Court in a notable judgment titled Sarina Sarkar and Others v. State of Haryana and others had directed for the removal of all encroachments on forest land within 6 weeks in a plea seeking a stay on the demolition of 10,000 houses that had been planned by the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad.

As a consequence, we saw that the Apex Court’s ruling culminated in the demolition that began on July 14. The experts have said very politely but most powerfully as they feel that they are above Supreme Court while expressing shock that, “We appeal to the Indian Government to respect its own laws and its own goals of eliminating homelessness by 2022 and to spare homes of 100,000 people who mostly come from minority and marginalized communities. It is important that residents be kept safe during the pandemic.” Ask UN about Taliban taking over major part of Afghanistan and pat will be reply that, “We are also worried but Pakistan is a very simple country and it has got nothing to do with Taliban.” We must recollect how US and UK allowed Talibanis to flee Afghanistan and live peacefully as long as they stayed in Afghanistan and now also UN feels that Taliban is a reality and not some monster created by Pakistan and so India must engage with it. We keep reading also that India has been trying to engage Taliban and appearing very courteously with it!

Of course, UN feels that Supreme Court Judges also should first consult UN before ruling on any matter as they are supreme and Indians are inferior not knowing what to do when! So Indians have to be always monitored what it does but Pakistan and Bangladesh should be given free cheque and if thousands and thousands of Hindus, Shia Muslims, Balochis are brutally murdered as we saw after demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992 then it is more concerned about rise of hard wing Hindu leaders in India and feel appalled, aghast and ashamed of rise of Hindu fundamentalism in India!

No doubt, UN feels that it has done India a great favour by making India a temporary member of UN Security Council for which Indians must rejoice and so it must always act as per its directions and even Supreme Court must behave accordingly! Talibanis are mercilessly killing innocents backed by Pakistan’s airforce and army but UN very strongly feels that it is just not true and Pakistan has just no role to play in the surge of Taliban in Afghanistan and we all must focus on India and India alone! This alone explains why UN feels that in light of India being a member of Human Rights Council should ensure that its policies are fully compliant with the international human rights standards governing evictions, internal displacement, especially on the government’s own land. UN is most happy that polygamy has been abolished only for Hindus and that too in 1955 even though earlier Hindus could marry as many as they wanted with Lord Krishna having 16,108 wives, Ashoka also having thousands of wives and so is the case with Shivaji and many others and so also woman could marry as many as they wanted but Nehruji brought them to one and to ensure that Muslims don’t grow less in population, they were allowed to continue indulging in polygamy! Sageer Khan felt this was brutal and raw discrimination but UN feels proud and I too on this feel that yes we must give our Muslim brothers and sisters what all they want as Nehruji always wanted also and how good it is that all PM till Narendra Damodardas Modi who is PM since last 7 years have endorsed Nehruji’s commendable stand on this!

Hopefully, India will now pay attention here also to what UN has said just like it has done on Pakistan and always favour cordial relations with them ignoring what all dubious role Pakistan plays in mercilessly killing our soldiers, officers, people not leaving even women and children. After all, UN sometimes for sake of formality do speak out against Pakistan for which we should really feel proud! UN feels only US and UK have right to invade Pakistan and kill Osama but India has no right to do anything except say that, “We can’t change our neighbours. We can’t wish away Taliban and Pakistan. We have to engage them. What else is the option?”

As we see, UN feels that merciless killing of Hindus, Sikhs by Muslims hardliners in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and other countries have to be ignored casually and concern has to be voiced just for public consumption but if India decides to do something on abolishing Article 370 as PM did in Jammu and Kashmir then this is not fair and is terribly wrong and can pose a danger to secularism! It merits no reiteration that UN feels that India should just always follow blindly what UN wants and ignore everything and act as they want according to their discretion! Let us see now how Centre and Supreme Court reacts on this!

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