Mumbai’s Mother Teresa

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Rahena Sheikh Bagwan is a policewoman who is affectionately referred to as Mother Teresa by many.

According to The New Indian Express, she has adopted 50 indigenous kids in a school in Maharashtra’s Raigad district.

In addition to this, Rahena has also helped those in need during the pandemic. Hemant Nagrale, Mumbai’s Police Commissioner, has honoured her for her work.

She had joined the force as a constable back in 2000.

“We were about to celebrate our daughter’s birthday last year. Then I learnt about Dnyani Vidyalaya in Raigad’s Waje Taluka. I spoke to the principal and he invited us. The kids mostly come from poor backgrounds. Some of them didn’t even have footwear. We used up the money saved for my daughter’s birthday and Eid shopping to help them,” she said.

“I told my kids that this Eid we would not do any shopping to buy new clothes or invite guests. My family supported the decision immediately,” she added.

“I called up the principal and expressed my wish to help his school students. He said instead of sending money, we should make an in-person visit to the school. On the scheduled day, we went to Raigad to visit the school. I was pleasantly surprised to see the discipline among the students. They wore masks and followed all Covid-appropriate behaviour while warmly welcoming us,” she went on to say, adding, “we spent the entire day with them and then decided to adopt 50 students from the school. It gives me an immense pleasure and satisfaction that I can help someone. I want to see each one of them as successful citizens. Education is the key to change.”

Her service beyond the official duty doesn’t end here. When the pandemic wreaked havoc on Mumbai, Rahena helped her colleagues to get the plasma or blood. “I am happy that I saved several lives by helping people in getting Remdesivir, hospital beds, or oxygen cylinders,” says Rahena, who stays in a small house and chose the small kitchen to attend the calls at night and resolve the issues.

Rahena always believes that one should match the high ideals with action. “Serving the needy is something more than just preaching. We have to do it in reality,” she says, thanking her husband for his support.

“One day, I got a call asking for the ‘A+’ blood group for a cancer patient. Seeing my anxiety, my husband drove me to the hospital where the patient was waiting. My husband volunteered to donate his blood. I am very fortunate that I have got a very supportive family. Their encouragement has propelled me to earn appreciation from my seniors in the police department,” adds Rahena.

The policewoman appeals to people to help every needy and poor person in whatever manner – by food, shelter, education, or medication. “We cannot see people going to bed without food and children without education in the 21st century.

“We should help without any expectation,” she says.

Rahena is a real hero indeed! The country needs more like her.

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