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One of the noticeable and remarkable annual events, World Environment Day (WED) has been organised in all the Continents since 1972. It has just been observed on June 5.

It is one of the Dream if Not Cream initiatives of the United Nations. It aims at creating adequate awareness about importance of nature, the nature which surrounds us, the nature that comprises of Bio-diversity.

The components thereof, are: Flora, Fauna, Traditional Knowledge systems and mechanism for stabilization of land mass.

In a way, it denotes totality of genes, species and eco system in a region.To make the world meaningful
,useful & sustainable, it should be our endeavour to check the changes and setbacks to bio diversity on the one hand and take Bold and long lasting steps to Restore the eco system, on the other.

The division of 34 Bio-diversity hotspots all over the globe has been a path breaking one. Each of them is supposed to hold umpteen number of flora and fauna.In India we are lucky to have two of such Hotspots – Western Ghats and Eastern Himalayas. It may be noted that the Botanical wealth of the Himalayas consists of 8000 species and ten per cent of the world’s Fauna is from this region.

The Stockholm Conference held on 5th June 1972 coincides with the World Environment Day. It Reminds us to love nature………….
Large, Small or Miniature.

Foolproof care of the environment and sharing its challenges and concerns may protect us from plethora of natural calamities, time & again.

We may appear to be selfish ,but Nature Always Gives,Does Not Take….Are We Serious, Are We Dutiful, Are we Dedicated ?
No, No, No……………..

Friends, in 1972 for the 1st World Environment Day, Theme Was “ONLY ONE EARTH”. For 2021, IT IS Carefully Chosen & Candid Expression:

Have we thought deep inside our mind as to why the term “Restore”has been chosen ?

To me, it is very focussed, apt and correct BECAUSE we seem To Have Deviated, Faltered, Gone For Fulfilling Mainly Our Greed. Not Our Need. (Mahatma Gandhi)

From One Earth Call or Expression OR Appeal, We Moved Also To Sustenance Factor, Perhaps From 1990s…In 1995 Summer, In the Happy Hunting Ground of the Present US President, DELAWARE, 17 of us were introduced by Late Dr.R.K.Pachauri, the then Director of TERI, Delhi to the basics of What was coined and was picking up momentum, slowly & gradually……………. It was Sustainable Development – Nothing short of taking due care of Mother Nature, while using and utilising various Gifts and Resources of Nature, in such a way THAT ENOUGH WAS LEFT BEHIND FOR OUR GRAND CHILDREN AND FOR THE FUTURE GENERATION.

But are We Following? The answer is again, A Big And Loud No. Rather We Are Harming And Harming Mother Earth For Our Useless And Petty Gains,Quick Name And Fame, Due to which we are experiencing the following unpleasant developments:

Global warming: Earth temperature rose by .5 degree Celcius in 20th Century and 1 degree Celcius in current Century. It is expected to rise further by two degree in 21st Century end.Immediate impact has been in terms of breaking of huge Ice Bergs in Antarctica, melting of glaciers, impact on some of the crops & fruits AND Change in the pattern of rainfall.

On the other hand, sometimes Global or local level Cooling is also experienced leading to Freak Weather conditions, such as unseasonal rains impacting the crops & vegetables, floods, unusual snowfall in plains etc.

At the same time, we need to think seriously about restoring the lost habitat of animals, otherwise we can not resolve Man- Animal conflict or Tussle in all forest or adjoining areas.

Who has not heard of Leopard attacks in Mumbai, U.P., M.P., Delhi or Elephant attacks in Siliguri-Jalpaiguri areas of West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu ? Examples will be many. There has to be harmonious co-existence to have economic, social, cultural and psychological sustainability.

Last one is badly needed due to never to abate Covid situation.It is being gathered now that even animals, such as, Lions are having Covid positivity but traces of transmission of the infection from animals to human beings are yet to be established.

Therefore, it is high time for all of us to realise, understand, interpret, link, Network or Confabulate …………….

Further, when 1972 or 1995 became prominent, we began looking around, around us in a way, more serious than before. Before It was Too Late. We had a Realization for Our Faults and Follies, Lillies and Dollies. Rivers, Waterfalls and Valleys…………………….

We could stop, could hold certain GREEN gifts of Nature…
We could not damage Them Beyond The Point Of Repair.

That Is Why Ladies & Gentlemen, Girls And Boys ,We need To Think And Meditate About Repair & Restoration or May be “Retro fitting” the new expression that is FAST catching up ……

From Today, let us pledge to work so that We May NOT HAVE TO FACE Freak Weather Conditions OR Global Warming or Cooling OR Breaking of Ice Bergs Or Flash floods in Mountains & Deserts or Melting Of Glaciers Which was to have a Deep & Cascading Effect On Our Livelihood, Culture & Civilisation.

Let’s Pray For More Stability,For A Neat and Clean Covid and Fungus Free World. A World Not Meant For Us But For Our Children & Their Grand Children……………

Let Us Worship Stars, Sun And Moon And IGNORE UNCERTAINTY OF MONSOON,

AMEN, Om Shanti……..

The author is former Chief Secretary, Sikkim

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