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Shall we say, Life has come full circle or it’s the same saga that was expected to perpetuate rightly or wrongly.

One never expected a crisis, such as Covid -19 to linger on or spread its tentacles for so long with so many mutations or variants.

Looks as if we may not get liberated even by end of 2023 or 2024.

2. For want of experience or exposure, OR authenticity, every Expert or self proclaimed Expert is groping in DARK.
Sadly, it has become international pass time. IS’nt it ?

Some one talks of Oxygen or CT Scan or X ray or suitable beds with or without ventilators or having ICU or lack of it, most of hounds certainly look at pecuniary gains.

LESS said will be better to refer to the irrational seat grabbers.

ALL such people forget his or her past days, including during SARS 1, when nothing of this sort maý have been discussed in such a great length.

Still 774 casualties were reported to have taken place.


3. In contrast, millions perished not in all the countries during Spanish Flu immediately after World War 1(1918-20).

Apart from SARS 1,MERS 1 & 2 too attacked the world but these were confined to a few Midlle East & Asian nations. For want of proper documentation relating to these tragedies, it’s impossible to pick up threads now to establish a link or have a future perspective.

Are Multinationals Important?

4. One can understand the sincerity as also apathy factor but I personally feel that the doctors or the scientists or for that matter, policy makers & implementers should speak in the interest of HUMANITY, rather than follow And pursue the interest of Nasty multinationals, bent upon making money and money when millions of people in the so called developing countries have not even availed of even the 1st dose of any of 7 Vaccines.

And what WHO has done, is not hidden from anybody.

Cost Factor

5. Apart from making available the dose, who will pay and how much to pay?How to channelise the requisite Fund?No one is interested in facing these uncomfortable questions.

Hoard & Let Others Fend For Themselves

6. Let us not forget THAT CANADA, USA, UK, EU Countries and quite possible India might have also hoarded more than their required quantity of Vaxins.
Once again, in view of the fact that barely 30 percent of India ‘s Population has been vaccinated by 1st dose AS YET, One May Politely ASK –


It goes without saying that we have miles and miles to go but the present tackling mechanism may continue to keep us confined to long and dark Tunnel of Uncertainty.

Human Approach Alone Will Be Saviour

7. Who may humbly suggest whether Judiciary or Executive has to be the Driver.

We had Enough of Blaming each other, enough of Mudslinging.

Let Us Think Like A Human And From Now onwards Act in Good Faith,Not For increasing seats and for hallowed Influence.

Temporary Gain Is Bound To Do Permanent Damage.

Neo kind of Vaxine Imperialsm Has To Go For Ever. If India is a Party To It, She Has No Business To Talk About – VASHUDEVA KUDUMBAKAM.

8 .Last But Not The Least, God will Not Spare Those Bent Upon Making Money In The Present Catastrophic Circumstances.

Both Heaven And Hell are on This Earth Only.

The author is former Chief Secretary, Sikkim

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