Swaraj Tractors launches series of initiatives in paddy mechanisation in South India

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Swaraj Tractors, a part of the $19.4 billion Mahindra Group, has introduced a series of initiatives in paddy mechanisation in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, as the company strengthens its presence in the region.

Swaraj recently launched the New Swaraj 742XT tractor which was developed exclusively for paddy mechanisation. The 45hp (33.55 kW) tractor has achieved success for its performance and fuel efficiency in puddling operations.

The company has also introduced a range of farm machinery and offers harvesting solutions from wet paddy to dry cereals to increase productivity and lower grain losses, for broad acre farms and small land holdings. The company will further introduce new tractors in the higher horse power (HP) range, including four-wheel drive tractors and lower HP tractors to support small farmers in their puddling operations.

“With paddy as a key crop of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, we at Swaraj want to further build on our incredibly strong brand in the region, through the introduction of a range of solutions for the paddy farmer,” Harish Chavan, Chief Executive Officer at Swaraj Division has said.

According to him, greater scope for mechanisation of the rice crop in the region will further enable farmers to contribute to the substantial improvement in productivity and production of paddy from these states.

“We will continue to launch products and solutions specifically developed for paddy farming in the region,” Chavan added.

The company will introduce new tractors to support small farmers in their puddling operations. Puddling is a key activity in cultivation of rice.

With traditional methods of paddy cultivation being labour intensive, time consuming and less profitable, there is a steady shift from manual labour to mechanical sources in both states.

With tractor sales having more than doubled over the last five years, ongoing support from respective state governments, along with other favourable conditions has resulted in the increase in paddy production, the company noted. Further, the company said it has also introduced a range of farm machinery and offers harvesting solutions from wet paddy to dry cereals to increase productivity and lower grain losses, for broad acre farms and small land holdings.

Swaraj manufactures 15HP-65HP range tractors and also provides complete farming solutions.

Swaraj Tractors is the fastest growing tractor brand in India and a favorite amongst Indian farmers for its power, quality and reliability. From Manufacturing tractors in the 15-60 HP range, it is now venturing into farm implements offering cost effective, reliable inputs to India farmers.

The company also provides 24X7 customer assistance through its call centre and the Mera Swaraj App to address the issues related to service, spare parts and warranty.

Swaraj Tractors was established in 1974 with a mission to be self-reliant and develop India’s first Indigenous tractor. Today Swaraj is a rapidly growing company, has a wide portfolio of tractors and farm machinery, and stands firmly amongst the top tractor brands in India. It manufactures a range of tractors from 15Hp to 65Hp for various farming needs including 4WD tractor for wetland & specialized tractors for horticulture.

Swaraj’s harvesters and specialized agricultural implements like potato planters etc. are in huge demand as these facilitate the farming processes and enable increased output. Swaraj has long been a favorite with farmers for its power, reliability, high performance in extreme conditions, low maintenance cost, high resale value and long life.

The company claims that ever since its birth in 1974, Swaraj Tractors has come a long way, winning the hearts and trust of every farmer with its matchless power and superior performance. Its success is attributed to the hard-working engineers at Swaraj, majority of whom are farmers themselves. Swaraj isn’t just a tractor for these farmers, it’s an indispensable part of their families. It has stood by him, through every situation in life. This is why when Swaraj brings joy and prosperity in their lives, every farmer’s heart swells with pride to proclaim, “Mera Swaraj”.

The company stresses that its uniqueness also lies in the fact that it also has its own foundry for heavy casting, a captive engine manufacturing facility, machine shops, precision manufacturing capabilities, best-in-class captive engine plant, and two assembly plants.

In 2007, Swaraj became part of the Mahindra Group. In 2012, it became the 2nd company in the world to win the Prestigious Deming Prize. In 2013 it won the TPM Excellence Award from Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. In 2018, it achieved another milestone with the roll-out of our 15th Lakh tractor.

The company says that its greatest satisfaction lies in bringing smiles to over 1.5 million farmers and hearing them say ‘Mera Swaraj’.

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