The Inspiring story of how Mumbai’s “Lady Sigham” became an IPS officer after dropping out of the School, getting Married at 14 & becoming a Mother of two at 18

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We usually tend to blame other people for the bad things that happen to us. Doesn’t matter if it is about a bad relationship, a bad career, or a bad marriage, many of us find rescue in blaming others for the failure.

But there are only a few who don’t indulge in the blame game. They rather focus their strength to make sure life circumstances don’t stop them from achieving their dreams.

N. Ambika is one such courageous woman, whose life has inspired many men and women, who felt helpless while fighting against their life circumstances.

N Ambika got married to a Police constable at the age of 14 and by 18 she was already the mother of two kids. What possibly could happen to this woman than a lifelong sentence of domesticity? But this did not stop Ambika from becoming IPS officer.

It all began when she accompanied her husband to watch the Republic Day Police parade. On seeing her husband salute the officers of higher ranks, Ambika asked him: Why he did so? Who were they? She noticed the respect and admiration bestowed on two senior Police officers.

“I want people to salute me, show me the same respect,” she told her husband. The amused husband tried to tell her that it was not an easy dream to achieve and that it not only requires one to be an IPS officer by clearing the civil services examination but also years of service to reach the position of a DGP or IG.

And here she was, a school drop-out and a mother.

But Ambika had already made up her mind. If she was required to become an IPS officer for people to salute her with that much respect, then so be it. She passed the 10th through private coaching and later graduated through distance-learning with flying colours. She did all this while taking care of her home and children.

Though she was now eligible for civil services examination, her town Dindigul didn’t have a Civil service examination coaching centre. She had to move to Chennai. Her husband arranged accommodation for her in Chennai and promised to take care of the children.

But Ambika failed her exams. The couple didn’t lose heart and she tried for a second time only to fail again. When she didn’t pass the third attempt, her husband told her to pack her bags, but Ambika wanted to try for one last time.

And this time, she passed the prelims, mains and the interview of the Civil service test. Her name was included in the 2008 IPS list. After completing her training, she got her first posting in Maharashtra.

Within no time, she earned the name of ‘Lady Singham’ of Mumbai. She is now posted as Dy. Commissioner of Police -(Headquarter 2).

In 2019 she was chosen for the Lokmath Maharashtrian of the Year award.

The moral of the story is that if you fail, then there is no need to blame others.

As Ambika has shown, instead of blaming her parents or her fate for her adolescent marriage, she took destiny in her hands and strived hard to make it work. Not many would have taken kindly to the mother of two children opting to enter the police force. That’s where her husband’s support was so crucial to her. That, combined with her will-power helped her reach her goal.

Truly, her is an inspirational story of grit and determination.

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