launches Mandarin to English Integrated Speech Solution for Indian Defence – Aims to help strengthen communication apparatus on India’s Northeastern border

by Nov 24, 2020Just Out0 comments, a global frontrunner in Conversational AI today announced the launch of a new integrated Speech Recognition based solution for the Indian defence establishment.

The end-to-end voice translation system uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Machine Translation and Speech-to-Text to convert Mandarin to English and is designed to help armed forces, intelligence agencies and local law enforcement authorities in improving communication systems and giving substantial leeway to the Indian defence forces.

The solution has a wide range of applications that includes cross border intelligence, voice surveillance, monitoring telephone/internet conversations, intercepting Radio/Satellite communication and to bridge interactions during border meetings & joint exercises. Its unique features include noise reduction, dialect/accent detection and support for all audio file formats. has delivered similar vernacular NLP solutions for Indian defence organizations to strengthen communication systems across other Indian borders with countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Speaking on the announcement, Ananth Nagaraj, Co-founder and CTO, said, “AI-based Speech Recognition technology is a necessity and is quickly making its way in becoming part of modern warfare. We believe AI has the potential to transform and improve the communication systems and will help strengthen Indian Armed forces.”

“Understanding linguistic nuances such as phoneme and dialects is a challenge especially when it comes to Mandarin. Our integrated speech solution will help break down this barrier to retrieve and gather real-time data and intelligence” adds Ganesh Gopalan, Co-founder and CEO,

About is a Conversational AI company with products and solutions for omnichannel automation and analytics. We empower businesses to build customer-centric Conversational AI on multiple channels. Our proprietary Speech Recognition APIs and NLP based solutions power customer support automation for leading companies in BFSI, E-Commerce, and other sectors.

Our ASR engine has been benchmarked by a leading mobile OEM to be the most accurate across all the speech-to-text engine providers for 20+ languages globally. With partners like Nvidia, Intel, and academic partners like IISc, is leading the Conversational AI revolution.

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