Why the world should be worried about Pakistan and what Pakistan should learn from India

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Apart from China which is entirely hands-in-gloves with Pakistan as also some Islamic countries like Turkey and Malaysia, it is US, UK and UN which have always secretly provided the “protective cover” to Pakistan to carry out relentless proxy war in the form of “cross border terrorism” against India since last many decades and kill Hindu minorities in Pakistan with impunity and simultaneously have never spared any opportunity to attack India on one ground or the other by criticizing on most specious grounds like either the amendment of Article 370 or the Citizenship Amendment Bill which are purely internal matters of India and which does not affect adversely Indian Muslims in any way whatsoever. It was US, UK and UN which were instrumental in ensuring that India was partitioned most ruthlessly in 1947 on most flimsy ground of religion! US, UK and UN never wanted a strong and united India!

As it turned out, they ensured that a country with most poor human track record like China was accorded a permanent seat in UN Security Council and India with impeccable track record was made to sit out in the cold for which they feel most proud! Can they deny this ever? How China treats Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province and deny them even the right to pray and celebrate their festival is known all too well!

They are denied even the most basic human rights and are treated like third rated citizens! But US, UK and UN were always most happy with China and ensured that they never said anything that could annoy China in any way! China’s worst acts of repression and state sponsored terrorism was justified by them just like Pakistan kept quiet as it stood to benefit from China immensely!

What they very conveniently forget is that many Indian Muslims like my best friend Sageer Khan very strongly believe that Indian Muslims enjoy maximum liberties not just in India but all over the world unlike Pakistan where Indian Muslims who went from India to Pakistan are called “Mohajjir” and still discriminated against and same is case with Shia Muslims even though the founder of Pakistan – Mohammad Ali Jinnah was himself a Shia! We have seen how terrorists repeatedly attack Shia shrines in Pakistan and kill innocents? Triple talaq was abolished in Pakistan in 1961 but in India it continued till very recently!

Similarly Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ensured that Hindus could not marry more than one and both polygamy and polyandry were banned even though earlier Hindus had liberty to marry as many as they wanted both men and women just like Draupadi had five husbands and Lord Krishna had 16,108 wives as was pointed out in ‘The Times Of India’ newspaper about two years back! Even Dr BR Ambedkar in his Hindu Code Bill had proposed that polygamy be a ground for divorce like adultery but it should be allowed to continue yet Pandit Nehruji abolished it as he felt that Hindus only should take the lead in controlling population and not Muslims for whom polygamy was not abolished. The result was many times Hindus converted to Islam to marry more than one woman as we saw in case of famous film actor Dharmendra and in many other cases like in the case of son of former Chief Minister of Haryana – Bhajan Lal!

My best friend Sageer Khan also very rightly said that, “Hindus are so tolerant on this that they never say anything. If Centre decides to abolish polygamy for Muslims how will Muslims react? They will never accept it and will explode in anger but see how Hindus quietly accepted Centre’s decision to unilaterally impose monogamy on Hindus alone! If Hindus demand Ram temple in Mecca or Medina how will Muslims react? Should Ram temple be built in Mecca or Medina or in Ayodhya? Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura are as sacred for Hindus just as Mecca and Medina are for Muslims. So Muslims should also never build a single mosque in any of these three cities just like Hindus will never build a temple in Mecca, Medina or any other place in Saudi Arabia or any other Gulf country! India is the best and most safe country for most Muslims to live in. This alone explains why most of the Muslims decided to stay in India and not go to Pakistan like Jinnah! Even those who chant slogans in favour of Pakistan will never leave India if asked to leave immediately and will then plead with folded hands that India is their country and not Pakistan!”

When Osama Bin Laden attacked USA by attacking World Trade Tower on 9/11 in 2001, USA declared war against terrorism and ensured that Osama was killed right inside Pakistan very close to army headquarter in Peshawar! But why USA never kills Hafiz Saeed who is chief of dreaded terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba or Masood Azhar who is chief of another dreaded terror group Jaish-e-Mohammad or Syed Salaluddin who is chief of yet another dreaded terror group Hizbul Mujahideen etc? It is because all these terror groups never or rarely ever attack USA or UK or UN and focus mostly on India alone! So USA, UK and UN ensure that no harm is ever done to these radical terror groups operating with full blessings of Pakistani Army and the civilian government which is nothing but a puppet of Army who dictates all policies to them!

Pakistan proudly admits Pulwama attack on Indian troops on February 14, 2019 in which more than 40 Indian soldiers was killed was a “major achievement” under the leadership of Pakistan PM Imran Khan as was done recently by Pakistan’s Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry yet US, UK and UN want India to respect Pakistan, hold talks and dialogues with Pakistan and not do anything which creates tension! US, UK and UN have ensured that nothing is done to check the unlimited terror factories operating from Pakistani soil to kill Indian troops and Indians just like 3 BJP workers were killed just recently in southern Kulgam district most ruthlessly! US, UK and UN want India to tolerate everything quietly and keep engaging in talks and dialogues with Pakistan!

Fawad Chaudhry said proudly that, “Humne Hindustan mein ghus ke unko maara (We penetrated inside and hit India in their home). Our success in Pulwama is a success of this nation under the leadership of Imran Khan. After the Pulwama incident, the way in which Pakistan’s military and air force went in and hit Hindustan had left India’s media and political leadership ashamed.” Fawad is proud that US, UK and UN stand wholeheartedly with Pakistan on sending terrorists regularly to attack India just like China and still compel India to refrain from not just attacking but also kowtowing for talks! Mercifully, this present dispensation learning from past experiences has now stopped the “third rated talks and dialogues culture” along with one sided “Ramzan ka ceasefire culture” with various terror groups and Pakistan who has only exploited it to its own best advantage for regrouping, rearming and killing most mercilessly our soldiers and people even though many leading Indian newspapers and magazines keep advocating regularly for the same most foolishly!

Needless to say, this is the first time that a Pakistan minister has admitted what India has long maintained – that Pakistan has directly and indirectly encouraged, armed, trained and supported various terror groups that target India. It is all because of US, UK and UN who hate India most. Even now inspite of admission by its own minister and that too on the floor of its own Parliament, US, UK and UN along with China and some Islamic countries will continue to defend Pakistan most vigorously and will only try to deceive India that they oppose terrorism in all its forms while doing nothing on the ground to act strongly against a rogue country like Pakistan!

What’s more, we earlier saw how Imran Khan himself who is Pakistan’s PM had openly admitted earlier that more than 40,000 terrorists were active on Pakistani soil yet US, UK and UN looked the other way around. US, UK and UN feel very proud that Pakistan has delisted 4000 terrorists to sustain the terror ecosystem and of using training camps and terrorists launch pads in PoK for ramping up cross-border terrorism. So nothing should be done that adversely affects Pakistan in anyway!

It is all too well known that the Taliban was created by Pakistani Army and ISI yet US, UK and UN always ensured that Pakistan was given billions of dollars in aid as it needs more help as it publicly condemns terrorism! It was ensured that top Talibani leaders were allowed to escape to Pakistan before US and its allies mounted full attack on Afghanistan after 9/11 in 2001! So who is responsible for terrorism most? We all know the answer!

No doubt, US, UK and UN along with Pakistan’s other close allies have ensured that the global terror watchdog – Financial Action Task Force (FATF) just like earlier does not blacklist Pakistan for supporting and funding terrorists and terrorism and places it once again in grey list until February 2021. They praise Pakistan for making some progress which only makes Pakistan more complacent! Pakistan feels very strongly that it has full blessings of US, UK and UN to carry out “cross border terrorism” in India most mercilessly and there are very valid reasons for it feeling so strongly on this and we can see for ourselves how US, UK and UN always try to find fault in India on one pretext or the other in last several decades and never do anything concrete to ensure that terror groups operating against India are ever eliminated or even checked to some extent! The human rights organizations based either in US or in UK or in UN always try to castigate India on one pretext or the other and always try to save Pakistan and provide them more financial aid.

To put things in perspective, we saw how just recently FATF urged Pakistan to “swiftly complete” its action plan by February as all action plan deadlines have already expired. FATF President Marcus Pleyer said after the plenary meeting of the Paris-based agency said that, “While Pakistan has made progress, it needs to do more and can’t stop now.” I fail to understand what progress Pakistan has made? Dreaded underworld dons like Dawood Ibrahim and others like him wanted in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts case in which more than 200 people were killed are all operating with impunity just like leaders of various dreaded terror groups!

It merits no reiteration that India has again said that Pakistan continued to provide a safe haven to terrorists and that it had not acted against the likes of Azhar, Dawood Ibrahim and Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, all proscribed by the UN Security Council. But US, UK, UN and some Islamic countries are working overtime to ensure that Pakistan is now removed from grey list also even as terrorists trained by their Army behead Indians and slaughter people to instill terror all over! They care a damn for India and protect Pakistan and its terror groups just like UK harbours and protects fugitives like Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi among others! They only know how to do lip service and keep finding fault in India on one pretext or the other!

It is high time and US, UK and UN must wake up at least now and stop hating India blindly. If they think that terrorism directed against India won’t affect them in the coming days then they are terribly mistaken! They have seen for themselves some unpalatable experiences in past also in this count and even now if they don’t act strongly against terror groups and countries like Pakistan who nurtures and feeds them then they alone will be responsible for terrorists getting more emboldened and carrying out more such attacks like the one we saw in Nice in France where they mercilessly killed three people in a church including a 60 year old woman while they were offering prayers! Now it is their choice as to what they really want!

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