Relief to Corona Warriors through Sudarshan Kriya

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Indian spiritual leader and founder of Art Of Living Foundation, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, says that there are ways in which people can deal with the escalating coronavirus pandemic. According to Gurudev, yoga, pranayamas, and meditation are the way to fight the novel coronavirus. He stresses that yoga , particularly the Sudarshan Kriya, helps to keep unwanted diseases at bay and build a healthy body. Sudarshan Kriya , he describes, is the unrevealed secret to health, happiness, peace and an insight of life beyond!

Not only Gurudev and Art of Living organisation preach what to do, they also practise with the people at the ground level what they preach. In fact, it is to the great credit of Gurudev and his organisation that they conducted programmes to provide relief to Corona Warriors. After all, Corona Warriors are real life heroes who are working on the frontline from last many months. They are working tirelessly. Here’s an effort by The Art of Living team to stand with them and equip them with the stress-buster techniques.

Watch this video to listen the amazing experiences of these heroes when they did the Art of Living Programme:

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