Sridhar, the Unsung Hero

by Oct 22, 2020Education0 comments

If a man has assets worth Rs 18,000 crore, what can be his next dream in life? After all, who doesn’t dream of going to a small village in Tamil Nadu, teaching poor children and feeding them twice a day, playing cricket with the village children and drinking tea together on. But the fragrance of our soil after years of tradition and culture led a man across the seas to dream like this, and the owner of a huge company in Silicon Valley, USA, came directly from California to a small village called ‘Mathalamparai’ in Tamil Nadu’s Tenkasi. His name is SRIDHAR VEMBU.

Born into an ordinary Tamil family. From a student at IIT Madras to the owner of a large software company, Zoho Corporation, the CEO is now seen cycling through the small streets of Mathalamparai wearing a plain shirt and traditional white veshti.

The experiment, which started with three children in free time during the lockdown, has now grown to four teachers and 25 students. But now it is not just an experiment, but a new educational startup of Sridhar Vembu This is slowly creating a model of providing free schooling food.

According to Sridhar, in the next few years, it will create about 8,000 technology jobs in rural India and relocate global services to urban areas of the country. Along with education, modern hospitals sewerage systems water irrigation, markets and skill centres will be set up.

I don’t know how many news channels across the country or their screaming anchors will talk about it, but the country is going to prosper because of such people …!! In January 2020, Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu was criticized on Twitter for attending and endorsing a high-profile event organised by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a Hindu nationalist organisation. Vembu defended his participation as a matter of his personal choice.

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