BRO Constructs Bridge in 20 Days

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Bringing relief to about 15,000 people of 20 villages from Jauljibi to Munsiyari in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has achieved a feat of constructing a 180-feet bailey bridge in the sector in less than three weeks despite frequent landslides and heavy rains.

On 27th July a cloudburst hits Jauljibi sector of Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand bordering China and the rivers and nullas of the region were caught unaware by flash floods. This caused mudflow of tremendous force.

There was major landslide on-road Jauljibi Munsiyari and a 50-meter span concrete bridge was completely washed out. There were also many deaths due to landslide and road communication was broken. Border Roads Organisation or BRO mobilised bridging resources and set up to construct and 180 feet bailey bridge.

The biggest challenge faced by BRO was to transport parts of the bailey bridge from Pithoragarh amidst frequent landslide and heavy rains. However, braving all challenges BRO was successful in completing the bailey bridge on 16th August which has given access to flood-affected villages and has restored connectivity between Jauljibi and Munsiyari. The BRO mobilised its resources to construct the bridge in 20 days.

The connectivity will bring relief to about 20 villages and an estimated human population of 15 thousand. The constructed bailey bridge has resumed road communication of 66 kilometres road starting from Jauljibi to Munsiyari. The newly constructed 180 feet bailey bridge is expected to provide essential support in rehabilitating the villages. It will not only provide vital communication to the affected villages but also for the movement of the armed forces to the bordering areas with China.

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